Synonyms for Worthy:


deserving (adjective)
good (adjective)
excellent, trustworthy, pleasant, splendid, admirable, good, first-rate, dutiful, commendable, fine, five-star, sterling, nice, reliable, benign, upright, topnotch, praiseworthy, stainless, beneficial, worthy of, favorable, whole-souled, worthwhile, incorrupt, incorruptible, sinless, laudable, dependable, philanthropic, charitable, exemplary.
honorable, respectable (adjective)
dependable, noble, commendable, ethical, decent, desirable, admirable, true, sterling, praiseworthy, reliable, incorrupt, valuable, reputable, estimable, invaluable, upright, righteous, deserving, honest, right-minded, worthwhile, priceless, moral, good, precious, laudable, exemplary, model, first-rate, creditable, trustworthy, blameless, excellent, virtuous, pure, meritorious, salt of the earth.
meritorious (adjective)
respectable (adjective)
estimable, fair, irreproachable, noble, principled, true, right-minded, moral, saintly, upstanding, creditable, pure, virtuous, angelical, untarnished, law-abiding, righteous, honorable, forthright, good, blameless, unimpeachable, respectable, honest.
virtuous (adjective)
Taintless, angelical, ethical, righteous, respectable, heroic, upstanding, valorous, decent, guiltless, uncorrupted, unsullied, faultless, blameless, honorable, good, moral, creditable, pure, virtuous, noble, unspotted, estimable, clean, high-minded.


awesome, awe-inspiring, enviable, distinguished, respected. dreary, inestimable, uninspired, boring, invaluable, trivial, precious, dull, uninteresting, priceless, mind-numbing, costly, humdrum, unexciting, tedious, value. figure, magnate, respect, mover and shaker, vip, authority figure, reputable, mogul, a force to be reckoned with, prime mover, leading light, eminence, praise. undeserved, deserve, deserved, well-earned, qualified, rate, due, ability, belong to, Fitted. good person (noun)
gentleman, salt of the earth, gentlewoman, good example, good man, paragon, hero, saint, angel, good woman, model.
worthy (noun)
worthwhile, respectable, meritorious, creditable, quotable, meriting, eligible, worth, praiseworthy, notable, upstanding, magna cum laude, noble, honoured, cum laude, model, solid, valuable, desirable, noteworthy, worthful, honourable, honorable, sacred, summa cum laude, honored, suitable, applaudable, good, commendable, laudable, exemplary, meritable, deserving.

Other synonyms:

invaluable, inestimable, qualified, priceless, Fitted. precious, costly. helpful
Other relevant words:
distinguished, reliable, honored, notable, respected, magnate, noteworthy, Fitted, deserve, worth, dependable, upright, meritable, eminence, sterling, invaluable, sacred, due, precious, meriting, dutiful, eligible, valuable, deserved, worthful, whole-souled, vip, inestimable, figure, honoured, priceless, suitable, applaudable, solid, qualified, incorrupt, mogul, well-earned, trustworthy, stainless, quotable, costly, honourable, desirable, meritorious, reputable.

Usage examples for worthy

  1. " He is, sir- a worthy and honest man, whom I am not ashamed to call my friend. – The Red Rover by James Fenimore Cooper
  2. You now see, Miss Mulrady, how necessary to me is this good fortune that you don't think me worthy of. – A Millionaire of Rough-and-Ready by Bret Harte
  3. Such questions are worthy of serious and earnest thought. – Sketches of the Covenanters by J. C. McFeeters