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specious - 79 results
ostensible (adjective)

ostensible, alleged, seeming, pretended.

Examples of usage:

She was too deeply romantic for conviction by any such specious reasoning. - "Love and Lucy", Maurice Henry Hewlett.

In short, that system of violence and specious morality, which commenced with the gifts of Ferdinand and Isabella, and the bulls of the Popes, was continued, with more or less of modification, until the descendants of those single- minded and virtuous men who peopled the Union, took the powers of government into their own hands, and proclaimed political ethics that were previously as little practised as understood. - "The Water-Witch or, The Skimmer of the Seas", James Fenimore Cooper.

The path, no doubt, would be made more specious than ever. - "Anthony Lyveden", Dornford Yates.

Similar words:

species, speciate, specific, special, special contract, special forces, special jury, special relativity, special drawing rights, special relativity theory.

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