Synonyms for Enticing:


attractive (adjective)
enchanting, desirable, inviting, winsome, tempting, fetching, Luring, siren, charming, appealing, captivating, winning, taking, engaging, magnetic, Attracting, alluring, attractive, bewitching, fascinating.
desirable (adjective)
desirable, alluring, captivating, beguiling, bewitching, seductive.
endearing (adjective)
Dallying, Serenading, charming, snuggling, flirtatious, seductive, wooing, spooning, Nuzzling, inviting, caressing, endearing, Love-making, romantic, cherishing, alluring.
persuasive (adjective)


like, taking, engaging, stunning, nice-looking, glamorous, fetching, eye-catching, winning, winsome, adorable, lovely, fascinating, prepossessing, knockout, delightful, sweet, pretty. come-hither, siren, persuasion, Inveigling, witching. enticing (noun)
beguiling, tempting, seductive, alluring.


appealing (verb)
Addressing, greeting, Soliciting, Begging, Supplicating, Entreating, Accosting, beseeching, Petitioning, Requesting, appealing, inviting, Applying, approaching, imploring, pleading, buttonholing.
attracting (verb)
Seducing, dragging, Magnetizing, engrossing, charming, alluring, pulling, enchanting, drawing, captivating, Attracting, Luring.
coaxing (verb)
endearing (verb)
hugging, Coddling, kissing, courting, billing and cooing, fondling, Ogling, Romancing, flirting, making love, cuddling.
motivating (verb)
driving, firing, propelling, knocking, goading, stimulating, inspiring, jostling, heaving, triggering, Punching, striking, jogging, Forcing, slinging, impelling, Throwing, shooting, jolting, energizing, urging, Instigating, Fomenting, motivating, fermenting, pushing, jerking, thrusting, poking, pitching, launching, encouraging, Flinging, hurling, Nudging, provoking, Shoving, Lobbing, prompting, Bumping, hastening, prodding, Ramming, hurtling, catapulting, moving.
persuading (verb)
selling, Indoctrinating, swaying, coaxing, winning over, inducing, Influencing, Persuading, enlisting, tempting, convincing.
rewarding (verb)
rewarding, Remunerating, sweetening, awarding, Compensating, paying, Tipping, Treating, honoring, Granting, giving.
seducing (verb)
tempting, Seducing, Luring, inviting.

Other synonyms:

persuasion, come-hither, Inveigling. prepossessing, winsome, witching, glamorous, taking, fascinating, fetching. lovely, winning, pretty. engaging. Other relevant words:
sweet, knockout, prepossessing, siren, like, fetching, taking, glamorous, persuasion, come-hither, fascinating, eye-catching, winning, pretty, stunning, winsome, lovely, engaging, witching, nice-looking, Inveigling, delightful, adorable.

Usage examples for enticing

  1. They sat and watched its enticing gestures, and, gathering courage, stood tremulously while the tide splashed their feet and retreated. – Tropic Days by E. J. Banfield
  2. " No, I can not do that, Gray," said Charlton, though the prospect of liberty was very enticing – The Mystery of Metropolisville by Edward Eggleston