Synonyms for License:


boldness, arrogance, sauciness, excess, brass, draftsmanship, composition, legend, cherub, indulgence, licentiousness, gluttony, forwardness, debauchery, audacity, aesthetic, wantonness, refractoriness, unruliness, format, profligacy, homage, presumptuousness, gall, sensuality, prodigality, effrontery, flavor, effect, unrestraint, temerity, self-indulgence, complacency, lawlessness, epicureanism. give/get the go-ahead, say yes, grant. approbation, autonomy, endorsement, autarky, free will, O.K., leave, allowance, scope. building permit, law, authorisation, card, pass, working papers. Libertinism, dissolution, dissoluteness. qualify, accredit. abandon, indulgence (noun)
excess, wantonness, lawlessness, sensuality, sauciness, complacency, unruliness, prodigality, laxity, slackness, gluttony, forwardness, anarchy, arrogance, self-indulgence, profligacy, audacity, relaxation, effrontery, looseness, refractoriness, presumptuousness, unrestraint, boldness, debauchery, temerity.
authority (noun)
prestige, title, Prepotency, primacy, domination, steam, office, kingship, birthright, faculty, sway, right, superiority, sovereignty, purview, force, power, authority, rank, credential, influence, punch, command, clout, prerogative, precedence, mastery, cogency, control, strength, mandate, stature, potency, puissance, charge, seniority, might, powerfulness, mightiness.
authority, permission (noun)
consent, authorization, privilege, immunity, dispensation, permit, liberty, exemption, right, grant, warrant, entitlement, freedom, leave.
authorization (noun)
agreement, affirmation, entitlement, confirmation, approval, enfranchisement, empowerment, authorization, validation, certification, notarization, authentication, blessing, designation.
certificate (noun)
communication (noun)
permit, licence.
dismissal (noun)
concession, reprieve, immunity, permission, dismissal, exception, absolution, relief, release, pardon, freedom, privilege, liberty, dispensation, stay, amnesty, exemption, discharge, excuse, waiver.
freedom (noun)
leisure, liberation, emancipation, relaxation, Freeness.
license (noun)
certify, permit, licence, permission.
permit (noun)
slackness (noun)
free rein, laxness, looseness, laxity, nihilism, mob rule, slackness, anarchy, toleration.


authorize (verb)
affirm, agree, warrant, certify, bless, allow, approve, deputize, accredit, authorize, confirm, ordain, notarize, sanction, enable, authenticate, validate, countersign, let, enfranchise, empower, commission, designate, denominate, entitle, consent, assent.
consign (verb)
assign, consign, appoint, broker, delegate, nominate.
dismiss (verb)
dismiss, except, exempt, dispel, free, relieve, liberate, absolve, permit.
enable (verb)
facilitate, allow.
permit (verb)
concede, tolerate, condone, let.

Other synonyms:

dissoluteness, profligacy, building permit, licentiousness, working papers, Libertinism. dissolution, O.K., endorsement, pass. qualify, approbation, allowance. accredit. card. empower
say yes.

Usage examples for license

  1. This, a passage of some thirty bars, was universally declared to be contrary to every known law or license possible to composition. – The Genius by Margaret Horton Potter
  2. Having obtained a license he interested a rich merchant of Seville in the undertaking, who fitted out a caravel of fifty tons burden, under condition that his brother Christoval Guevra should have the command. – The Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus (Vol. II) by Washington Irving