Synonyms for Laxity:


careful. disorder (noun)
unevenness, anarchism, shapelessness, disarray, muddlement, confusion, disconnectedness, deformity, dishevel, disorderliness, obscurity, messiness, insanity, indistinctness, lawlessness, indefiniteness, incoherence, inconsistency, disarrangement, chaos, mess, clutter, turmoil, discomposure, inexactness, looseness, disorganization, formlessness, perturbation, disorder, anarchy, inchoateness, commotion, frenzy, derangement, fuzziness, disintegration, entropy, tumult, irregularity, amorphousness.
freedom (noun)
free rein, liberty, latitude, license.
indifference (noun)
unwillingness, disinterestedness, indifference, passivity, negligence, apathy, dispassion, coolness, easygoingness, insouciance, coldness, nonchalance, lukewarmness, neutrality, Perfunctoriness, impartiality, halfheartedness, unconcern, detachment.
indulgence (noun)
leniency, indecision, carelessness.
laxity (noun)
remissness, indecision, laxness, leniency, indifference.
license (noun)
slackness, anarchy, lawlessness, looseness, disorder.
mildness (noun)
geniality, gentleness, clemency, liberalness, mildness, insipidity, evenness, liberality, moderation, meekness, acceptance, amiability, moderateness, forbearance, lenience, libertarianism, charity, benevolence, permissiveness, liberty, softness, easiness, latitude, quietness, tolerance, open-mindedness, broad-mindedness, benignity, tenderness, kindness, cordiality, peaceableness.
neglect (noun)
remissness, chaos, negligence, carelessness, unconcern, coolness.
slackness (noun)
toleration, slackness, license, freedom, nihilism, free rein, mob rule, laxness.
state (noun)

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Other relevant words:
carelessness, leniency, indecision, remissness.

Usage examples for laxity

  1. I regret to see the notorious laxity of principle on the subject of umbrellas is extending to cigar- cases." – Belles and Ringers by Hawley Smart
  2. It was perhaps because of his laxity in this respect that my regard for truth was adamant. – Edgar Saltus: The Man by Marie Saltus
  3. But we are determined that no thief, burglar, incendiary, assassin, ballot box stuffer, or other disturber of the peace shall escape punishment, either by the quibbles of the law, the insecurity of prisons, the carelessness or corruption of the police, or the laxity of those who pretend to administer justice; and, to secure the objects of this association, we do hereby agree, that the name and style of the Association shall be " The Committee of Vigilance, for the protection of the ballot box, the lives, liberty, and property of the citizens and residents of the City, of San Francisco." – A Sketch of the Causes, Operations and Results of the San Francisco Vigilance Committee of 1856 by Stephen Palfrey Webb