Synonyms for Obligation:


concern, onus, trust, accountability, guardianship. grateful, appreciative, burden, touch, charge, gratitude, be glad of something, commitment, indebted, appreciation, thankful. pay, due, Arrearage. affair (noun)
concern, responsibility.
appreciation (noun)
gratitude, indebtedness.
arrears (noun)
bond (noun)
covenant, pledge, pact, compact.
call (noun)
command (noun)
imperative, demand, mandate.
compulsion (noun)
incitement, coercion, urge, motivation, propulsion, pressure, stimulation, duress, compulsion, intimidation.
debt (noun)
deficit, note, default, delinquency, arrears, mortgage, liability, loan, voucher, iou, indebtedness, debit, debt.
duty (noun)
duty, business, responsibility.
necessity (noun)
burden, commitment.
obligation (noun)
contract, demand, commitment, debit, inexorability, constraint, business, understanding, must, onus, need, necessity, duty, requirement, responsibility, agreement, burden, charge, liability, promise, iou, mandate, accountability, trust, compulsion, bond, engagement, debt.
promise (noun)
contract, consent, compact, assurance, arrangement, engagement, vow, guarantee, covenant, pact, oath, mutual agreement, understanding, pledge, bond, agreement, promise, stipulation.
requirement (noun)
inevitability, imperative, condition, requisite, prerequisite, proviso.
trust (noun)

Other synonyms:

appreciative, guardianship, onus, grateful, Arrearage, gratitude, thankful. concern, indebted. commitment, trust. appreciation. burden, charge. touch.

Usage examples for obligation

  1. Once the moon had commenced to recede, the earth was released from the obligation which required it constantly to direct the same face to the moon. – The Story of the Heavens by Robert Stawell Ball
  2. No such obligation is held to exist in regard to our trade with other lands, and it should have no place in any consideration of our trade with Cuba. – Cuba, Old and New by Albert Gardner Robinson
  3. This is entered into by the personal appearance of those who are to assume the obligation before a proper magistrate or clerk of court, and their due acknowledgment before him that they do assume it. – The American Judiciary by Simeon E. Baldwin, LLD