Synonyms for Instrument:


array, Accouterments, clunker, automaton, automation, black box, big beast. strings, organ, alto, mean, rhythm section, mechanism, brass, percussion, tenor, instrumentation, stringed instrument, consort. armory, armoury, armaments, armed, ammunition, dupe, ammo, artillery, arms, assault, arsenal, over, stooge. mode, procedure, tactic, way, system, technique, basis, method, manner. target, victim, whipping boy, toy, cinderella, cannon fodder, sacrificial lamb, plaything. act (noun)
agency (noun)
empowerment, instrumentality, machinery, medium, lieutenancy, means, conductor, deputation, delegation.
agent (noun)
alternate, proxy, surrogate, auxiliary, agent, impresario, deputy, mediator, intermediary, agency, go-between, substitute, second, delegate, emissary, ombudsman, executor, actor, vehicle, operative, broker, appointee, middleman, lieutenant, liaison, factor, attorney, representative.
appliance (noun)
implement, tool.
channel (noun)
way, agent, instrumentation.
contrivance (noun)
widget, gimcrack, convenience, engine.
instrument (noun)
doodad, implement, equipment, contraption, agency, organ, cat's-paw, gimmick, gimcrack, contrivance, legal instrument, musical instrument, instrumentality, instrumentate, device, utensil, instrumental role, pawn, mechanism, facility, tool, gadget, gizmo, official document, convenience, utility, widget, medium, factor, appliance, legal document, vehicle, machine, machinery, apparatus, engine.
means (noun)
tool (noun)
study at tool.

Other synonyms:

consort, percussion, stooge, instrumentation, stringed instrument, rhythm section. alto, brass. dupe. tenor. organ. mean. Other relevant words:
instrumentate, stooge, assault, plaything, arms, method, percussion, brass, ammo, technique, basis, clunker, instrumentation, musical instrument, manner, dupe, mean, organ, strings, cat's-paw, over, armoury, pawn, way, ammunition, target, armaments, procedure, instrumental role, system, official document, arsenal, tactic, Accouterments, victim, automation, array, consort, legal document, mechanism, toy, mode, armory, tenor, artillery, automaton, alto, cinderella, armed, legal instrument.

Usage examples for instrument

  1. There was music, made upon some rude instrument – The Boy Slaves by Mayne Reid
  2. " The day operator will be here at six, I will return as soon as I have had a cup of coffee, and we'll handle all you can write," answered Bowen, without looking up from his instrument – Revenge! by by Robert Barr
  3. I was but the humble instrument in your hands. – Flower of the Dusk by Myrtle Reed