Synonyms for Adept:


all (adjective)
practiced, skillful, expert, proficient, good, skilful.
expert (adjective)
crackerjack, artistic, expert, skillful, master, authoritative, masterful, adroit, professional, sophisticated.
sagacious (adjective)
genius, master, brilliant, intellectual, wise, sagacious, authoritative, intelligent, scholarly, philosophic, expert.
skillful (adjective)
cunning, ambidextrous, dexterous, able, competent, artful, crafty, masterful, deft, efficient, clever, talented, nimble, skilled, apt, expert, handy, proficient, facile, capable, genius, skillful, adroit, accomplished, Sure-footed, agile, versatile.
stylish (adjective)
artful, graceful, skillful, capable, clever, stylish, artistic, adroit, talented, eloquent, expressive, deft.
very able (adjective)
expert, deft, wizard, skilled, practiced, masterly, skillful, hotshot, whiz, adroit, capable, masterful, ace, accomplished, proficient, dexterous, crackerjack.


transliterate, gifted. exponent, ability, past master, superman, prodigy, best, queen, old hand, maestro, masterly. adept (noun)
sensation, practiced, good, hotshot, whiz, maven, wizard, ace, skilful, skilled, wiz, whizz, proficient, star, genius, expert, virtuoso, skillful.
authority (noun)
expert (noun)
master, artist, connoisseur, specialist, buff, sophisticate, journeyman, pro, whiz, wizard, technician, consultant, authority, maven.
person (noun)
wiz, wizard, ace, genius, virtuoso, sensation, whiz, hotshot, star, maven, whizz.
sage (noun)
mandarin, doctor, savant, wise person, scholar, guru, thinker, sage, philosopher, professor.

Other synonyms:

past master. masterly. Other relevant words:
gifted, virtuoso, prodigy, sensation, hotshot, skilful, past master, whizz, masterly, wiz, ace, queen, best, exponent, old hand, star, superman, ability, maestro, transliterate, practiced, good.

Usage examples for adept

  1. Noel Wyndham was an adept at that, having made a study of it all his life. – The Keeper of the Door by Ethel M. Dell
  2. But, on the other hand, it was evident directly they put their hands up, that Saurin was the greatest adept at the business. – Dr. Jolliffe's Boys by Lewis Hough
  3. As he landed from the ladder he laughed, and he said, " I'm afraid I'm not much of an adept at tarring. – The Chronicles of a Gay Gordon by José Maria Gordon