Synonyms for Sample:


model (adjective)
instance, image, archetypal, model, specimen, ideal, prototype, exemplary, example, simulation.


counterpoint, breakbeat, accompaniment, coda, arpeggio, individual, descant, cadence, representation, unit, excerpt, crescendo, flourish. bang out, case, arrange, atmospherics, substitute, accompany, baton, articulation, representative, blast, blast away, back, illustration, beat out. detection, Animal Rights, anatomize, control, chromatography, empirical, biopiracy, dissect, foresight, double blind, foretaste, detect. a bit, trace, fragment, fraction, taster, piece, hint, a little, bit. people, inhabited, baby boom, pop, the country, eugenics, Demographics, demographic, birth rate, overpopulated. begin, turn your hand to something, strike out, change over, try your hand at something, change direction/course, give something a try, branch out, break with. chomp, choke down, bite, crunch, chow down, champ, demolish, cannibalize, bolt, devour. crash-test, put through, put someone/something to the test, trial, challenge, pilot. example, model (noun)
illustration, unit, bit, case, fragment, specimen, piece, representative, individual, bite, instance.
sample (noun)
try, typical, try out, sample distribution, taste.


consumption (verb)
try out, try, taste.
taste (verb)
taste, savor.
taste, try (verb)

Other synonyms:

bit, crash-test, change over, case, taster, illustration, hint, branch out, break with. fragment, fraction, foretaste. representative. trace, put through, begin. trial, piece. strike out, pilot. challenge. Other relevant words:
fragment, crash-test, piece, individual, empirical, try, case, fraction, taster, sample distribution, bit, trial, pilot, typical, representative, unit, detect, bite, representation, illustration, foretaste, try out, begin.

Usage examples for sample

  1. This is merely a sample of a hand which would be a Royal, if length in Spades accompanied the strength. – Auction of To-day by Milton C. Work
  2. Charley handed out the sample – Gold Seekers of '49 by Edwin L. Sabin
  3. But before he departed he took time to mention regretfully that he had not yet had the pleasure of seeing me at his " store" to sample those cigars. – 'Twixt Land & Sea by Joseph Conrad