Synonyms for Inspiring:


creative (adjective)
exciting (adjective)
moving (adjective)
persuasive (adjective)
rousing (adjective)
heartening, inspiriting, stimulating, exciting, stirring, animating, inspirational, moving, motivating, uplifting, exalting, encouraging, enlivening, refreshing, exhilarating.


inspiring (noun)
exalting, ennobling.
interesting (noun)
original, alive, spellbinding, thought-provoking, intriguing, gripping, fascinating, newsworthy, interesting.
rousing (noun)
exhilarating, inspiriting, inspirational, uplifting, animating, refreshing, exciting, stirring.


causing (verb)
engineering, inducing, acting, driving, executing, Originating, Effecting, causing, Forcing, Producing, Generating, bringing about, making, Engendering, Eliciting, Enforcing, Evoking, provoking, giving rise to, motivating.
cheering (verb)
pleasing, cheering, Brightening, Gladdening, heartening, encouraging, consoling, lightening, enlivening.
motivating (verb)
heaving, energizing, urging, triggering, jolting, Instigating, shooting, firing, moving, hastening, thrusting, enticing, hurling, Lobbing, pushing, fermenting, propelling, hurtling, jogging, striking, Nudging, knocking, jerking, goading, Flinging, Throwing, Punching, poking, launching, slinging, stimulating, Shoving, Bumping, Magnetizing, prompting, Fomenting, prodding, catapulting, jostling, impelling, pitching, Ramming.
receiving (verb)
acquiring, Admitting, devouring, Gobbling, eating, accessing, assimilating, taking, Swallowing, Engorging, accepting, getting, absorbing, inhaling, Receiving, gulping, ingesting, Pocketing.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
stirring, inspiriting, ennobling, exciting, inspirational, exhilarating, interesting, thought-provoking, animating, gripping, uplifting, original, exalting.

Usage examples for inspiring

  1. Tish then stood inside the door, and delivered through it one of the most inspiring patriotic speeches I have ever heard. – More Tish by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  2. It would delight us all; and I know that you would find the occasion, the very sight of those sightless children made so happy, most inspiring – Early Letters of George Wm. Curtis by G. W. Curtis, ed. George Willis Cooke
  3. Then came the noble inspiring answer from Winterton- " Oh yes, let him go on." – Punch, or the London Charivari, May 6, 1914 by Various