Synonyms for Wedge:


center, entomb, bottle, bury, bed, crate, bag, embed, box. foam, billow, fibre, hank, knot, fiber, cloud, block, froth, fog. splice, chain, do up, tie up, tie, buckle. club (noun)
golf (noun)
caddy, bogie, backswing, ace, bogey, bunker, birdie.
hero sandwich (noun)
hoagy, grinder.
keystone (noun)
spearhead (noun)
quoin, prong, entering wedge, cleat, shim, cotter, machine, mobile force.
submarine sandwich (noun)
tool (noun)
scissors, pick, jackknife, hammer, shovel, knife, drill, pickax, spoke shave, coping saw, handsaw, tool, sickle, chisel, arc welder, radial arm saw, keyhole saw, Bow-saw, stapler, Drill press, scroll saw, bench drill, tin snips, plane, scythe, snips, trowel, pliers, table saw, posthole auger, tire iron, level, jigsaw, welder, screwdriver, chain saw, hatchet, wrench, wrecking bar, ripsaw, emery wheel, saw, auger, vise, buzz saw, lug wrench, punch, mallet, edger, hedge trimmer, square, miter box, pipe wrench, spanner, axe, claw hammer, shears, planer, file, hacksaw, band saw, machete, lathe, grindstone, hoe, sledgehammer, monkey wrench, crowbar, gouge, ball-peen hammer, jointer, crosscut saw, back saw, calipers, spade, grapnel, cold chisel, circular saw, awl.
wedge (noun)
prong, hoagie, hero, cleat, lodge, hero sandwich, hacek, grinder, chock, squeeze, poor boy, bomber, block, torpedo, submarine sandwich, wedge heel, Italian Sandwich, cuneus, quoin, wedge shape, sub, submarine, stick, force, shim, zep, Cuban Sandwich, cotter, hoagy.


compress (verb)
contact (verb)
squeeze, force.
cram (verb)
fasten (verb)
knot, embed, chain, lodge, tie.

Other synonyms:

Italian sandwich
Italian Sandwich.
splice. buckle. do up. tie up. tie, chain. cram
Other relevant words:
cloud, center, fibre, Cuban Sandwich, cotter, chain, bomber, fog, submarine, bottle, splice, grinder, lodge, ace, bogie, torpedo, zep, fiber, froth, quoin, hoagie, wedge shape, backswing, crate, entomb, embed, knot, foam, hero sandwich, block, bury, cleat, stick, hacek, hoagy, machine, bag, birdie, billow, wedge heel, bogey, caddy, sub, poor boy, bed, box, prong, hero, hank, tie, force, tie up, Italian Sandwich, bunker, chock, submarine sandwich, shim, cuneus, buckle, squeeze.

Usage examples for wedge

  1. 399 Every phenomenon is within our reach if we treat it as an inclined plane, which is of easy ascent, though the thick end of the wedge may be steep and inaccessible. – Maxims and Reflections by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  2. Looking up as they crossed one elevation, Gertrude noticed a wedge of small dark bodies outlined against the soft blue sky. – Prescott of Saskatchewan by Harold Bindloss
  3. 23. Having made the cleft, it is opened with the wedge on the end of the grafting iron and the scion is placed in position. – The Pecan and its Culture by H. Harold Hume