Synonyms for Hue:


depth, colouring, contrast, value, darkness, flash, color scheme, coloring, discoloration, chromatic. colors. gradation. cast. color (noun)
tone, paint, shade, palette, complexion, color, dye, tincture, rainbow, ink, pigment, tint, spectrum, stain.
color, shade (noun)
tint, cast, tone, dye, complexion, value, tinge, tincture.
hue (noun)
chromaticity, tinge, imbue.


change (verb)

Other synonyms:

gradation. cast. Other relevant words:
gradation, color scheme, coloring, value, colouring, tinge, chromaticity, color, imbue, cast.

Usage examples for hue

  1. She should have worn nothing else but the hue of roses. – Richard Carvel, Volume 5 by Winston Churchill
  2. Mowbray found himself wondering why the hue and cry had been raised so promptly. – The Great Mogul by Louis Tracy