Synonyms for Instructor:


head, headmistress, housemaster, faculty, headteacher, houseparent. pedagogue, teach. pedagogue (noun)
person (noun)
person who educates (noun)
lecturer, tutor, pedagogue, teacher, trainer, coach, guide, professor, mentor.
teacher (noun)
tutor, teacher, professor, schoolmaster, guide, lecturer, headmaster, master, counselor, trainer, mentor, schoolmistress, coach, guru, advisor, educator.

Other synonyms:

headmistress, headteacher, housemaster. pedagogue, houseparent. faculty. head. Other relevant words:
headmistress, housemaster, pedagogue, advisor, headteacher, houseparent.

Usage examples for instructor

  1. Last year's instructor had been adored by the girls and consequently their work was excellent. – Judy of York Hill by Ethel Hume Patterson Bennett