Synonyms for Wad:


bank, wall, pyramid, tuft, gathering, lump, drift. hank, backing, stop, coating, knot, fiber, fibre, cloud, upholstery, billow, froth, foam, fog. clod, hunch, part, gob, chunk, hunk. bushel, big, oodles, million, trillion, Jillion, ream, zillion, multiplicity, scad, load. pretty penny, rich. ball of something (noun)
fortune, pile, heap, nugget, lump, hunk, mass, plug, tuft, bundle, slew, ream, mint, pad, gathering, chunk.
clump (noun)
money (noun)
capital, nugget, draft, sterling, money, note, currency, bankroll, purse, coupon, cash, bill, iou, gross, dollar, petty cash, wallet, lucre, wealth, profit, fortune, greenback, promissory note, pocket money, loot, gold, funds, spending money, moolah, treasure, proceeds, bond, bank note, net worth, balance sheet, stock, pounds, wherewithal, scratch, dough, swag, ways and means, money order, check, copper, bullion, assets, change, ingot, income, worth, wampum, silver, coinage, receipts, issue.
wad (noun)
chock up, heap, ram, chew, plenty, mass, cud, chaw, hatful, mess, pile, whole lot, pack, tidy sum, mickle, stack, raft, cram, mint, flock, good deal, peck, whole slew, quid, quite a little, compact, great deal, muckle, plug, sight, slew, batch, jampack, bundle, spate, jam, deal, lot.
wealth (noun)


contact (verb)
bundle, pack, compact.
line (verb)
face, Interline, pack, pad, insulate, line, inlay.

Other synonyms:

million, zillion, pretty penny, bushel, trillion, Jillion, gob, ream, scad. drift, multiplicity, pyramid, lump, chunk, oodles. hunch, clod. wall. load, bank. line

Usage examples for wad

  1. Glenwood handed in a bulky wad of matter to be read and strolled over to O'Byrn's desk. – The Lash by Olin L. Lyman
  2. He was a wise man, that doctor; he knew how Jamie wad be feelin' just then, and he turned away. – Between You and Me by Sir Harry Lauder
  3. I doobt there wad be trible still, though some things micht be lichter. – Donal Grant by George MacDonald