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rationalise - 62 results
Examples of usage:

The attempt to rationalise the narrative of Scripture was no new one. - "Edward Caldwell Moore Outline of the History of Christian Thought Since Kant", Edward Moore.

Second, Gymnastic, whose function it is through ordered labour and suffering so to subdue and rationalise the passionate part of the soul, that it may become the willing and obedient servant of that which is just and true. - "A Short History of Greek Philosophy", John Marshall.

And to show you, Lillyston, said Owen, how little I fear any natural explanations, and how much I think them beside the point, I'll tell you what happened to me only the other night, and which yet does not make me at all inclined to rationalise Hazlet's story. - "Julian Home", Dean Frederic W. Farrar.

Similar words:

Rationalise Away, rationalism, rationalist, rationalize, rationalize away, rationality, rationale, rational, rationalisation.

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