Synonyms for Broach:


introduce, note, invoke, allude to, propose, touch on, bring up, ask, come up, refer to, suggest, tell of, talk in terms of something, hint, mention. pierce, penetrate, puncture, open, tap, utter. raise, put forth, moot. broach (noun)
brooch, initiate, breastpin.


bring up a topic (verb)
mention, bring up, touch on, moot, suggest, propose, introduce.
communication (verb)
open, pierce (verb)
puncture, tap.

Other synonyms:

moot. introduce. raise. bring up
touch on, allude to, moot.
refer to.
Other relevant words:
note, pierce, put forth, bring up, penetrate, propose, hint, suggest, allude to, moot, open, refer to, touch on, tap, mention, ask, raise, introduce, utter, puncture.

Usage examples for broach

  1. The subject was a delicate one to broach and perhaps I fell short in delicacy. – New-Arabian-Nights by Stevenson, Robert Louis