Synonyms for Shovel:


button, camshaft, bucket, ancillary, cam, ball bearing, chamber, carriage, bearing, belt. bore, dredge, tunnel, dig out, grub up, bulldoze, burrow. chase, cut, card, chip away, crimp, chop. grub, enter, mower, dig, scoop, flail, fork, rake, lawn mower, hose, excavate, delve. make. shovel (noun)
digger, shovelful, trowel, scoop, spadeful, excavator, power shovel.
spade (noun)
split, Irrigating, snow, fire, snow shovel, twisted, pronged, scoop, round-pointed.
tool (noun)
pipe wrench, hoe, square, trowel, tool, axe, machete, back saw, spade, grapnel, spanner, pickax, stapler, file, spoke shave, buzz saw, hacksaw, edger, saw, band saw, jigsaw, ball-peen hammer, radial arm saw, keyhole saw, shears, arc welder, miter box, vise, hedge trimmer, wrecking bar, bench drill, crowbar, crosscut saw, tin snips, hatchet, welder, scissors, calipers, ripsaw, Drill press, table saw, pliers, emery wheel, level, plane, sickle, wedge, tire iron, coping saw, cold chisel, pick, auger, scroll saw, Bow-saw, jackknife, monkey wrench, circular saw, chain saw, jointer, knife, lug wrench, hammer, handsaw, planer, gouge, wrench, awl, mallet, scythe, drill, claw hammer, sledgehammer, lathe, chisel, grindstone, punch, posthole auger, snips, screwdriver.


delve (verb)
dig (verb)
drill, bulldoze, bore, gouge, enter, tunnel, grub, hoe.
dip (verb)
excavate (verb)
shovel (verb)
burrow, excavate, spade, dredge, excavator, delve, digger.

Other synonyms:

grub up, mower, lawn mower, dig out. dig, grub. delve, tunnel, dredge, bulldoze. burrow, flail. rake. fork. dig
Other relevant words:
dredge, burrow, fire, power shovel, scoop, bucket, rake, chase, chamber, ancillary, button, chop, delve, bearing, fork, bore, shovelful, pronged, digger, dig out, card, hose, grub, dig, flail, twisted, mower, camshaft, snow, split, enter, cut, cam, belt, make, crimp, excavator, carriage, Irrigating, excavate, spadeful, tunnel, bulldoze.

Usage examples for shovel

  1. Shovel has stopped firing, and is hanging out of his window for the straining look ahead. – The Grafters by Francis Lynde
  2. Then it began to hiss in the valves- steam clouds rose, the iron shovel clattered, and fresh heaps of coal sank rattling into the furnace. – Dame Care by Hermann Sudermann
  3. Velo, with his empty shovel had just left it. – Shelled by an Unseen Foe by James Fiske