Synonyms for Oversee:


observe, look after, look on, be on the lookout for, spy on, follow/watch someone's every move, watch for, keep (a) watch, stand over. oversee (noun)
superintend, supervise, manage.


control (verb)
command, rule, order, administer, bridle, pilot, manage, harness, preside, superintend, dominate, execute, discipline, steer, control, lead, govern, supervise, direct.
direct (verb)
conduct, lord, master, boss.
dominate (verb)
better, oppress, predominate, prevail, surmount, succeed, triumph, overcome, vanquish, win, subordinate, conquer.
social (verb)
superintend, supervise, manage.

Other synonyms:

watch over.

Usage examples for oversee

  1. Yes, he's coming, just to oversee things. – The Crisis, Complete by Winston Churchill Last Updated: March 6, 2009