Synonyms for Consistency:


preservation, survival, eternity, continuation, longevity. naturalness, state, flexibility, viscosity, pliability, elasticity, volatility, suppleness, softness, viscidity, effervescence, delicacy, state of matter, solidity, astringency, absorbency, hardness, texture, plasticity, density, permeability. agree. agreement (noun)
correspondence, congruity, coherence.
attribute (noun)
body, consistence.
cohesion (noun)
Indivisibility, solidarity, connectedness, cohesion, integration, unity, union, indissolubility, connection, integrity, coherence, continuity, cohesiveness, Inseparability.
conformity (noun)
correctness, observance, congruity, submissiveness, formality, conformity, tradition, regularity, manner, submission, conformance, adherence, propriety, obedience, acquiescence, accordance, convention, ritual, etiquette, compliance, custom.
consistency (noun)
body, consistence.
constancy, regularity (noun)
evenness, appropriateness, stability, consonance, likeness, coherence, steadiness, union, steadfastness, correspondence, unity, compatibility, congruity, invariability, cohesion, harmony, uniformity, proportion, symmetry, homogeneity.
intelligibility (noun)
straightforwardness, clarity, legibility, understandability, crispness, intelligibility, perspicuity, clearness, comprehensibility, directness, lucidity, plainness.
order (noun)
symmetry, arrangement, normality, system, harmony, normalcy, organization, balance, efficiency, method, order, stability.
regularity (noun)
uniformity, regularity, invariability.
stability (noun)
solidness, permanence, firmness, durability, persistency, immovability, invariableness, steadfastness, changelessness.
texture (noun)
flexibility, texture.
thickness (noun)
texture, softness, flexibility, elasticity, plasticity, suppleness, solidity, viscosity, hardness, pliability, density, organization, firmness, viscidity.
uniformity (noun)
uniformity, alikeness, likeness, seamlessness, evenness, invariability, sameness, consonance, constancy, homogeneity, monotony, steadiness.

Other synonyms:

density, survival, state of matter, longevity. persistence. continuation, eternity. preservation. delicacy. state.

Usage examples for consistency

  1. As in life, so in dialogue- consistency is a test of worth. – Writing for Vaudeville by Brett Page
  2. The scientist turned a handful of sand into precious stones, iron into a state resembling melted chocolate and, after depriving flowers of their tints, turned them into the consistency of glass. – Autobiography of a YOGI by Paramhansa Yogananda
  3. The poor drawing had neither character nor consistency it looked like nothing under the sun, except a drawing done at Kensington- a flat, foolish thing, but very soft and smooth. – Modern Painting by George Moore