Synonyms for Society:


citizenship, organization, the body politic, aboriginal, countrywoman, citizen, birthright, countryman, compatriot. commission, nation, flash mobbing, flash mob, civilization, Support Group, police, panel. aristocracy, array, busload, Gentlefolk, age group, jet set, crush, constellation. the bourgeoisie, specific, beginnings, bourgeois, background, classism, classless, class, class-conscious, beneath, birth. human, sorority, congress, the many, individual, person, your fellow man/men. dinner party, gentility, over, nobility, upper crust, evening, competition, DO, blind date, fringe, coffee klatch, elite, blue blood, upper class, quality, flower, gentry, Patriciate, black tie, event. connect, gentleman, the nobility, the upper class, brahman, polite society, polite company, gentlewoman. beau monde (noun)
bon ton.
collection (noun)
assortment, bloc, college, corps, partnership, council, stew, mix, medley, salad, federation, omnium-gatherum, formation.
gentility (noun)
high society (noun)
polite society, smart set.
humankind, people (noun)
companionship, nation, public, civilization, humanity, community, commonwealth, culture, company.
mankind (noun)
commonwealth, human beings, human race, folk, community, culture, Family, mankind, populace, citizenry, public, humankind, humanity, species, people, man.
nobility (noun)
nobility, aristocracy.
organization, institution (noun)
circle, clan, clique, club, outfit, coterie, union, league, guild, ring, gang, order, group.
people (noun)
populace, human race.
social organization (noun)
society (noun)
companionship, guild, fellowship, company, bon ton, club, beau monde, order, high society, lodge, smart set, gild.
upper class of people (noun)
flower, quality, high society, gentry, beau monde, elite, aristocracy, Patriciate, smart set, upper crust, polite society, jet set.

Other synonyms:

upper crust. class, elite, upper class, Patriciate, blue blood, sorority, nobility, nation. organization, gentility, individual, person, gentry, human. congress. flower. quality. lite
jet set.
Other relevant words:
polite society, countrywoman, DO, blue blood, individual, sorority, police, nobility, birth, gentleman, bourgeois, panel, classless, class, over, brahman, class-conscious, elite, crush, person, organization, evening, constellation, guild, flower, busload, aboriginal, gentlewoman, bon ton, nation, Patriciate, Gentlefolk, connect, civilization, fringe, beau monde, beginnings, background, congress, gild, order, high society, citizen, countryman, companionship, classism, competition, human, beneath, specific, quality, aristocracy, birthright, compatriot, event, lodge, gentry, array, gentility, commission, smart set, upper crust, citizenship.