Synonyms for Handy:


adept physically (adjective)
able, deft, expert, nimble, skilled, dexterous, fit, proficient, adroit, skillful, clever.
all (adjective)
ready to hand.
easy to use (adjective)
practical, Gainful, serviceable, advantageous, practicable, functional, beneficial, useful, helpful, profitable.
facile (adjective)
easy, simple, uncomplicated, deft, efficient, smooth, adroit, dexterous, effortless, facile, fluent.
near (adjective)
near, nearby.
nearby (adjective)
at hand, close, available, accessible, near, convenient.
skillful (adjective)
clever, talented, proficient, agile, competent, efficient, skillful, versatile, genius, adroit, deft, able, capable, ambidextrous, facile, accomplished, masterful, crafty, expert, apt, Sure-footed, dexterous, artful, skilled, nimble, cunning, adept.
utilizable (adjective)
beneficial, applicable, useful, convenient, fitting, usable, effectual, utilitarian, commodious, appropriate, employable, multipurpose, suitable, practical, serviceable, practicable, applied, all-purpose, helpful, effective, expedient, versatile, advantageous, instrumental, functional, reusable, utilizable, at hand, available.
working (adjective)


alongside, Beside, next to, attached, next door, close, united. good, aid, help, experienced, transliterate, be of service, gifted, have a use. high-powered, slick, operative, ability, worthwhile, valuable. near, nearby. used. dexterous (noun)
handy (noun)
adroit, ready to hand, convenient, accessible, William Christopher Handy, w. c. handy.
person (noun)
w. c. handy, William Christopher Handy.
useful (noun)
profitable, Gainful.

Other synonyms:

near. nearby. slick. Other relevant words:
nearby, profitable, ability, good, w. c. handy, ready to hand, close, fit, Gainful, William Christopher Handy, near, slick, accessible, gifted, valuable.

Usage examples for handy

  1. Sorry we haven't cards handy – Tom Swift and his Air Glider or, Seeking the Platinum Treasure by Victor Appleton
  2. " That boy is handy with tools," said Mr. Brown to his wife one day, when they were talking about Mart and wondering if he and Lucile would ever find their relatives. – Bunny Brown and his Sister Sue Giving a Show by Laura Lee Hope
  3. I know the German for d- n your eyes, and handy words like that." – The Vultures by Henry Seton Merriman