Synonyms for Excrete:


constipated, constipation, bursting, Bedwetting, Egestion, bowel movement, dry. eliminate (noun)
squeeze out, go to the toilet, expel, relieve oneself, go to the bathroom, throw off waste matter, answer a call of nature, give off, perspire, void, sweat.
excrete (noun)
egest, eliminate, pass.


discharge (verb)
effuse, transude, clear, extravasate.
discharge, usually liquified substance (verb)
eject, exude, expel, evacuate, secrete, perspire, eliminate, sweat, void, pass, leak, give off, egest.
excrete (verb)
emit, evacuate, secrete, eliminate, discharge, exude.
reject (verb)
disclaim, vent, chop, disapprove, scrap, abandon, clip, exhaust, exclude, check, disgorge, eject, secrete, evacuate, eliminate, seep, belch, disallow, crop, shed, vomit, snip, reject, deep-six, curtail, drain, discharge, jettison, jilt, discard, cut, junk, trash, shear, erupt, lop, oppugn, spew, deny, excise, emit, bar, blackball, blacklist, exude, cull.
waste (verb)
leak, despoil, deject, waste, slop.

Other synonyms:

purge. pour forth