Synonyms for Cost:


bill, offer. taint, overshadow, offset, loose on, spoil, disbursement, expenditure, neutralize, cancel out. sacrifice, alienation, cause, alienate, blind trust, attest, cancel, assignment, bail, cancellation, assign. appraise, bounce back, climb, bottom out, Capping, cap, bargain, go for, beat down, sell for, cheapen, transactions. demolition, the ravages of something, ruin, havoc, devastation, sabotage, decay, destruction. work out, command, buy, set-back, come in at, be extra, get your money's worth. cost/pay the earth, cost an arm and a leg, not come cheap, cost a pretty penny. amount (noun)
cost (noun)
price, monetary value, toll, be.
expense; price paid (noun)
toll, worth, expenditure, damage, payment, outlay, tariff, amount, value, figure, price, charge, tab, disbursement, rate.
payment (noun)
disbursement, expenditure.
penalty, sacrifice (noun)
harm, expense, loss, detriment.
price (noun)
tax, toll, rate, outlay, worth, levy, duty, premium, amount, expense, figure, dearness, tab, tariff, charge, damage, value, price, quotation.


command a price of (verb)
sell for.
damage (verb)
loss, harm, sacrifice, detriment.
stative (verb)

Other synonyms:

harm, loose on, set-back, taint, overshadow, come in at, cancel out, offset. offer, disbursement, spoil, bargain, neutralize. bill. sacrifice. buy, work out. command. Other relevant words:
sabotage, appraise, cheapen, overshadow, ruin, demolition, assign, neutralize, spoil, havoc, offer, cause, devastation, climb, go for, offset, sacrifice, detriment, assignment, disbursement, expenditure, alienate, bail, harm, cancellation, amount, payment, alienation, loss, decay, destruction, command, Capping, buy, transactions, bill, sell for, cancel, taint, be, bargain, attest, cap, monetary value.

Usage examples for cost

  1. At whose cost have I grown fat?" – Rung Ho! by Talbot Mundy
  2. Yes, because ten thousand will not cost much more than three hundred. – The Blue Birds' Winter Nest by Lillian Elizabeth Roy