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rifle - 227 results
Other synonyms:

disinvest, hold up, start, deprive, give out, die, uncase, recoilless, undress, match, denudate, blend, repeating, peel, decease, run, divest, sound, rook and rabbit, Krag-Jorgensen, choke, bare, Martini-Henry, conk out, M-1, Schneider repeating, go away, BB gun, Garrand, run short, 0.45, denude, become, violate, Johnson, mug, automatic, live on, reave, leach, run low, move, conk, ransack, rape, Peabody-Martini, pillage, iron, air gun, low-powered, extend, break, stick, snatch, sort, get going, perish, work, double-barrelled, sack, snuff it, Chassepot, strip down, hunt down, high-powered, buy the farm, endure, cash in one's chips, drop dead, Lee-Metford, M-14, pass, go bad, run away with, blend in, Enfield, operate, live, rob, give-up the ghost, disrobe, derringer, dig, unclothe, Minie, Mauser, belong, proceed, look out for, Lee straight-pull, M-16, survive, plunder, Berdan, pass away, get, locomote, fit, pick through, rake, semi-automatic, seek out, Sharps, Berthier, search out, steal, depart, exit, croak, pop off, troll, plump, walk off with, dredge, give way, muzzle-loading, air rifle, clean, function, last, Springfield, lead, expire, discase, Lebel, dismantle, Sober, travel, go through, hunt, spoil, foray, go, scavenge, AK-47, loot, Schulhof, kick the bucket, fail, burgle, break down, help yourself to something, strip, hold out, Francini-Martini, Mannlicher, breech-loading, saloon, despoil.

Examples of usage:

" Corny," said I, " how would you like to have our rifle? - "A Jolly Fellowship", Frank R. Stockton.

Then Captain Marat's rifle went off again. - "The Voodoo Gold Trail", Walter Walden.

Well, you give me dog, I give you rifle. - "Lost in the Cañon", Alfred R. Calhoun.

Similar words:

rifle range, rifle shot, Garand Rifle, m-1 rifle, browning automatic rifle, riffle, rifled, rife, rife with.

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