Synonyms for Ax:


chain saw, planer, hatchet, handsaw, auger, plane, fretsaw, circular saw. dismissal, go out of business, go under, fold, bounce, termination, sack, shut down, boot, crash, close, closure, wind up, keep, fail, liquidate, discharge. artifact (noun)
ax (noun)
hatchet (noun)
double-bitted ax, poleax, hand ax, battle-ax, mattock, pickax, broadax, single-bitted ax, adz, tomahawk, cleaver.
punishment device (noun)
thong, noose, guillotine, jail, lash, pillory, gallows, torture chamber, captivity, strap, scaffold, truncheon, cane, bull whip, birch rod, stocks, maiden, cowhide, rawhide, gas chamber, stake, rope, prison, whipping post, gibbet, iron, rack, whip, rod, block, electric chair, switch, solitary confinement, thumbscrew.
weapon (noun)
ammunition, trigger, artillery, dagger, armament, sidewinder, bomber, carbine, stiletto, boomerang, arrow, lance, sword, colt, handgun, cannon, scimitar, howitzer, repeater, rocket, mortar, cutlass, pistol, weapon, Bilbo, blunderbuss, club, musket, gun, luger, peashooter, bayonet, knife, rifle, bow and arrow, machine gun, torpedo, mace, blowpipe, winchester, ordnance, missile, battery, machete, weaponry, firearm, claymore, bazooka, shell, heater, javelin, blowgun, saber, spear, bullet, browning, Remington, shotgun, broadsword, shooter, revolver, piece, rapier, flamethrower, muzzle.


change (verb)
contact (verb)
dismiss (verb)
hatchet, discharge, tomahawk, cleaver, sack.

Other synonyms:

cleaver, tomahawk, plane, pickax, handsaw, auger, adz, chain saw, planer, circular saw, fretsaw, hatchet. dismissal. termination, sack. boot. discharge, bounce. pick
Other relevant words:
discharge, axe, tomahawk, battle-ax, cleaver, planer, bounce, mattock, hatchet, termination, auger, sack, dismissal, handsaw, pickax, boot.

Usage examples for ax

  1. Co'se I ax 'em in de pa'lor. – The Strength of Gideon and Other Stories Strength of Gideon; Mammy Peggy's Pride; Viney's Free Papers; The Fruitful Sleeping of The Rev. Elisha Edwards; The Ingrate; The Case of 'Ca'line'; The Finish of Patsy Barnes; One Man's Fortunes; Jim's Probation; U by Paul Laurence Dunbar
  2. An' Sir Thomas, he'd say, 'Do now, my dear, ' an' then when she'd look at him that pitiful, he'd out wi' 's red 'andkercher an' frown over at Mester Adrian, an', says he, 'I wonder ye can ax her! – The Light of Scarthey by Egerton Castle
  3. You can't meet your difficulties with the ax here. – Vane of the Timberlands by Harold Bindloss