Synonyms for Chronicle:


copy down, write, get down, transcribe, put pen to paper, compose, set down, commit something to paper/writing. checklist, hot list, words, bibliography, hit list, happen, formula, blacklist, blue book, glossary. version. account (noun)
history, reminiscence.
account, narrative (noun)
journal, version, story, annals, report, register, recital, diary, history, record.
almanac (noun)
registry, yearbook.
book (noun)
insert, script, chapter, textbook, leaflet, play book, work, publication, tract, volume, brochure, tome, libretto, verse, manual, folio, booklet, compendium, magazine, handbook, pamphlet.
chronicle (noun)
description, anecdote, daybook, scrapbook, account, ledger, register, journal, recital, inventory, Cashbook, newsletter, history, calendar, archive, book, memo, record, biography, memorandum, autobiography, notebook, Bank book, enumeration, chronology, log, statement, catalog, diary, narrative, album, epic, newspaper, index, docket, story, yearbook.
chronology (noun)
time card, timer, timepiece, minutes.
list (noun)
check, store, logbook, dictionary, collection, roll, digest, blank-book, tally, treasury, invoice, novel, manifest, repertory, budget, thesaurus, waybill, recount, documentation, Storybook, workbook, tablet, menu, total, recording, list, itemization, score, detail, count, cash book, registry, roster, table, tabulate, annals, schedule, census, scroll, pad, lexicon, file, bill, summary, annual, sum.
prose (noun)
short story, legend, prosaicness, fiction, story, allegory, serial, romance, reading matter, yarn, myth, episode, storyline, plainness, prose, parable, tale, novella, fable, reminiscence, scenario, retelling, saga, plot.
record (noun)
report (noun)
report, recounting, memoir, portrayal, treatise, article, monograph, telling.


chronicle (verb)
enumerate, Journalize, minute, note, clock.
list (verb)
collect, summarize, document, itemize, audit.
report (verb)
portray, narrate, state, retell, describe, tell.
report, recount (verb)
set down, tell, narrate.

Other synonyms:

glossary, hit list, checklist. bibliography, hot list. blacklist, version. blue book. formula. list
set down.
retell, retelling.
Other relevant words:
formula, compose, words, version, transcribe, write, bibliography, checklist, set down, blacklist, happen, blue book, glossary.

Usage examples for chronicle

  1. Before closing this chronicle I must satisfy the curiosity of my readers upon a few points in which they may feel interested. – Frank's Campaign or the Farm and the Camp by Horatio Alger, Jr.
  2. The chronicle does not say how many days they were at sea, so that we cannot judge of the distance of this new country from the Land of Stones. – The Dawn of Canadian History: A Chronicle of Aboriginal Canada by Stephen Leacock