Synonyms for Ham:


rump, butt, heart-throb, leading lady, COSTAR, body double, lead, character actor, actress, shank, actor, double. frank, rear, corned beef, headcheese, jerky, chipped beef, London broil, buttocks, cracklings, cold cuts, thigh. telegraph, CB, Roger, scramble, exhibitionist, radio, ship-to-shore, sign off, over. ham (noun)
overplay, ham actor, gammon, overact, jambon.
meat (noun)
roast beef, loin chop, veal, Canadian Bacon, bacon, spareribs, hot dog, pork chop, ground beef, cutlet, frankfurter, meat pie, lamb, meat, roast, pot roast, chicken, brisket, sirloin, sausage, venison, lamb-chop, filet mignon, chop, porterhouse steak, mutton, rump roast, ham hock, beef, sirloin steak, Meat Loaf, flank, turkey, tripe, flesh, minute steak, poultry, tenderloin, T-bone Steak, wiener, kidney, pork, fillet, smoked sausage, liver, ribs, hamburger.
one who overacts (noun)
hot dog, exhibitionist.
thigh (noun)


creation (verb)
overplay, overact.

Other synonyms:

COSTAR, chipped beef, corned beef, heart-throb, headcheese, ship-to-shore, actress, cold cuts, body double, London broil, character actor, actor, leading lady, Roger. jerky. telegraph, frank. sign off, lead. radio, double. scramble. over. thighbone
Other relevant words:
overact, cracklings, actor, double, shank, butt, headcheese, actress, COSTAR, jerky, ham actor, gammon, heart-throb, frank, exhibitionist, jambon, lead, ship-to-shore, overplay, telegraph, Roger, thigh.

Usage examples for ham

  1. Mr. M'Gabbery, may I thank you for a slice of ham – The Bertrams by Anthony Trollope
  2. The trip always stands out in my mind, although I did not join the regiment until after it had arrived in Europe, because all through the two years of war I was pestered by a paper which kept constantly turning up concerning some $ 100 worth of ham and cheese that was supposed to have been eaten by the men of the Twenty- sixth Infantry as they passed through Houston. – Average Americans by Theodore Roosevelt
  3. He bought a ham the other day for says he " Keats, I don't think a Ham is a wrong thing to have in a house." – Letters of John Keats to His Family and Friends by John Keats