Synonyms for Zone:


regional (adjective)
territorial, county, regional, divisional, tract, shire, national, city, riding, state, sector, area, colonial, precinct, realm, local, town, canton, commonwealth, borough, district, quarter, circuit, provincial.


meridian, barometer, weather, meteorology, spell, temperate, latitude, band, stripe, climate, weather forecast, seasonal, climatic. city planning, charter, civilization, citified, cityscape, citywide, built-up, position, civic. steppe, sweep, land mass, subcontinent, the mainland, neck of the woods, plain, swath, belt, swathe. put something down to experience, write off, ignore, neglect, turn off, put aside, overlook, disregard. area (noun)
district, region, sector, hectare, rood, territory, acre, patch, domain, area, section.
district (noun)
belt, section, territory, realm, sector, tract, area, region, circuit, band, segment.
extent (noun)
leeway, scale, measure, field, scope, plateau, range, dimension, span, room, plane, extent, space, neighborhood, stretch, length, volume, acreage, reach.
portion (noun)
dividend, fraction, commission, compartment, helping, subdivision, division, lot, interest, stake, member, quota, percentage, quantum, proportion, allotment, half, part, bit, stock, allowance, ration.
quarter (noun)
locale, quarter.
region (noun)
shire, province, locality, place, circuit, earldom, dukedom, nation, kingdom, county, country, precinct, municipality, town, state, borough, realm, bailiwick, city, plot, riding, canton, duchy, tract, colony, commonweal, empire, beat.
zone (noun)
geographical zone, district, zona, partition.


portion (verb)
chunk, portion, cut, budget, segment, halve, parcel, allow, slice, piece, divide, apportion, share, dismember, split, compartmentalize, subdivide, allot, partition.

Other synonyms:

climatic, band, weather forecast, meteorology. belt, barometer, neck of the woods, seasonal. climate, temperate. overlook, put aside, weather. neglect. spell, turn off. write off. Other relevant words:
geographical zone, barometer, weather, latitude, neglect, neck of the woods, swath, zona, temperate, seasonal, meridian, band, climate, spell, belt, stripe.

Usage examples for zone

  1. " On this assumption the German Government beg to inform the Government of the United States that instructions have been issued to the German naval forces to observe the general principles of international law, with regard to the holding up, searching and destruction of merchant vessels, and not to sink any merchant vessel, even within the war zone without warning and rescue of the passengers and crew, unless they attempt to escape or offer resistance. – My Three Years in America by Johann Heinrich Andreas Hermann Albrecht Graf von Bernstorff
  2. I therefore order you to leave this zone within one hour. – Generals Help Themselves by M. C. Pease
  3. He knows his " zone and every object in it as completely as he knows his own features in a looking- glass. – Servants of the Guns by Jeffery E. Jeffery