Synonyms for World:


global (adjective)
international, planetary.
international (adjective)


anglo-saxon, anglo-american, baltic, anglophone, continental, bicoastal, american, abroad, coast-to-coast, arctic. class, ascent, division, descend, disestablish, acquire, climb, comedown, system, beggar, realm, bankrupt, come out. ambiance, atmosphere, environment, memory, advanced, civilized, civilization, experience, the community, cross-cultural, life, civil society, adolescence, childhood, civilize, cultural, civilise, civilisation. circumstance, event, situation, state of affairs, business, society, career, background, conditions, context, position. age, bear, era, produce, have a baby, the turn of the century, history. heretic, irreligious, place, secular, atheist, rationalist, godless, agnostic, unorthodox, humanism, irreverent. comet, black hole, matter, the Big Dipper, cluster, constellation, antimatter, cosmic dust, asteroid, dark matter, part, celestial object. flesh, Central America, the Antarctic, the Celtic fringe, culture, homo sapiens, australasia, Asia-Pacific, biome, Atlantic Rim, the Arctic, the Caribbean. modus vivendi, the simple life, subject, Nineteen Eighty Four, way of life, Living Standards, lifestyle, department, scene, province, counterculture, territory, bag, terrain, the high life, circle, bailiwick. medium, surroundings, the earth, the planet, climate, the globe, limited, be, the world, milieu, Mother Earth. be noted for, need no introduction, be/become (a) legend, be a household name/word. a great deal (noun)
pile, big, mountain, barrel, plenty, mass, profusion, wealth, pack, much, peck, heap, power, abundance, lot, sight.
being (noun)
cosmos (noun)
flesh (noun)
homo sapiens.
globe (noun)
group (noun)
life (noun)
existence, way of life.
universe (noun)
galaxy, earth, heavens, planet, nature, plenum, creation, cosmos, universe, globe.
world (noun)
globe, system, earthly concern, worldly concern, division, populace, cosmos, nature, business, human race, worldwide, international, memory, humankind, public, reality, earth, mankind, atmosphere, human beings, creation, province, man, universe, class, existence, macrocosm, global, domain, realm, planetary, humans, life, humanity.

Other synonyms:

bailiwick, homo sapiens, era, milieu. ambiance, flesh, climate, life. bag, province, terrain, realm, age. department, environment. atmosphere, history. medium, territory, scene. circle. a great deal
much, abundance, plenty, mountain, lot, power, profusion, heap, barrel, wealth, sight, pile, pack, mass.
Other relevant words:
way of life, antimatter, abundance, the world, barrel, terrain, adolescence, climb, coast-to-coast, bear, milieu, bag, unorthodox, position, homo sapiens, profusion, civilized, era, scene, cultural, situation, part, life, context, civilise, arctic, limited, territory, humanity, event, lifestyle, irreverent, subject, continental, anglophone, age, climate, human beings, human race, international, realm, history, civilize, anglo-saxon, biome, beggar, worldwide, comet, peck, anglo-american, atmosphere, bailiwick, constellation, counterculture, environment, mountain, sight, class, baltic, mankind, public, experience, australasia, descend, global, populace, province, society, bankrupt, pack, ambiance, cluster, rationalist, matter, worldly concern, big, humans, planetary, power, humankind, pile, memory, culture, background, man, cross-cultural, advanced, circle, plenty, career, much, division, earthly concern, surroundings, acquire, childhood, secular, irreligious, lot, civilization, flesh, ascent, produce, bicoastal, humanism, medium, abroad, domain, the earth, reality, comedown, disestablish, civilisation, wealth, circumstance, Mother Earth, place, mass, business, asteroid, atheist, macrocosm, heretic, godless, department, american, Asia-Pacific, conditions, cosmos, be, existence, system, agnostic, heap.

Usage examples for world

  1. I know, too, what the world would say if you should answer 'Yes. – Only One Love, or Who Was the Heir by Charles Garvice
  2. That was the world to him just then. – Black Jack by Max Brand
  3. But he wouldn't go for the world – Love and Lucy by Maurice Henry Hewlett