Synonyms for Meal:


cereal, corn, forage, brown rice, bran, provender, buckwheat, basmati, grain, all-purpose flour, farina, cornflakes, bulgur, flour, arrowroot, fodder. chow, blowout, bag, cooking, dish, mess, collation, refreshment, Groceries, nutrition, eats, nourishment. Barbie, breakfast bar, brunch, buffet, box lunch, a bite, BBQ. feed (noun)
food (noun)
dish, food, chow, cuisine, feed, repast, eats.
food, often taken by several individuals (noun)
grub, lunch, brunch, eats, mess, repast, refreshment, board, snack, fare, breakfast, spread, collation, picnic, dinner, feast, feed, chow.

Other synonyms:

nourishment, nutrition, provender, Groceries, cooking. buffet, chow. mess. starch
Other relevant words:
corn, grain, fodder, bran, refreshment, eats, collation, brunch, chow, mess, Groceries, buffet, farina, dish, provender, flour, forage, nutrition, nourishment, blowout.

Usage examples for meal

  1. To- day we are hungry; what can be more good for us than a meal which will give us strength for the morrow, which is the new year?" – Moonshine & Clover by Laurence Housman
  2. Everyone settled down to the meal and made the best of things. – War by Pierre Loti
  3. I went up and sat by the men and asked them how they would like to have a supper handed them every evening, because it seems it is the night meal they miss most, and they nearly threw a fit with joy. – The Comings of Cousin Ann by Emma Speed Sampson