Synonyms for Claw:


grappling hook, set on, tentacle, cant hook, Ungula, barb, assail, Pincers, come at, strike at, paw, nail, clutching hand, tack claw, spur, Dewclaw, forked end, mug, fly at, fang, attack, fingernail, crook, nail claw, grapnel, go for, unguis, manus, grappling iron, ambush, assault. carapace, antler, anatomical, capsule, arm, bony, body, blowhole, anatomy, belly. chamber, bearing, ancillary, carriage, belt, camshaft, cam, button, ball bearing, bucket. catch, pounce, dip into, juggle, catch at, fumble, grab at, clutch, grasp at. artifact (noun)
claw (noun)
hook, pincer, nipper, chela.
nail of animal; tool shaped like nail of an animal (noun)
grapnel, nail claw, fang, unguis, pincer, barb, manus, paw, Ungula, tentacle, hook, nipper, spur, crook, cant hook, fingernail.

Other synonyms:

catch at, grab at, paw. grasp at. dip into, juggle. fumble. clutch. catch. nail
Other relevant words:
fang, Dewclaw, fingernail, cam, arm, belly, crook, barb, bearing, assault, camshaft, body, grapnel, fumble, capsule, paw, nail claw, belt, ancillary, ambush, anatomy, attack, chamber, carriage, anatomical, catch, pounce, spur, bucket, mug, assail, manus, Ungula, nail, juggle, button, carapace, unguis, bony, tentacle, blowhole, clutch, grappling iron, Pincers, antler, cant hook.

Usage examples for claw

  1. I know him by his one claw – A Little Florida Lady by Dorothy C. Paine
  2. The hammer was small, and the claw of it was straight and flat. – Rollo in Geneva by Jacob Abbott