Synonyms for Panel:


club, ornament, hanging, tapestry, police, decoration, flash mobbing, association, tablet, organization, Support Group, flash mob. anchorman, guest, commentator, anchor, broadcaster, dj, grip, anchorwoman, correspondent, announcer. door, doorstep, doorknob, arch, doorjamb, doorplate, doorpost, doorstop, doorknocker, doorbell. armhole, coattails, bodice, care label, buttonhole, breast pocket, bib, arm, collar. armour, bumper, bodywork, bull bar, boot, bonnet, axle, armor, chassis. cement, wax, plaster, carpet, paper, tile, varnish, board over, plate, ice. control, release, knob, master switch, pause, lever, dial, console, fast forward. committee (noun)
board, council, tribunal, jury, forum, cabinet.
control panel (noun)
control board.
council (noun)
cadre, inquisition, tribunal, cabinet, coalition, parliament, council, court, symposium, congregation, congress, league, body, caucus, committee, summit, forum, legislature, assembly, meeting, convention, conference, board, chamber, faction, quorum.
instrument panel (noun)
control panel.
panel (noun)
control board, instrument panel, dialog box, venire, impanel, empanel, control panel, board, jury.
post (noun)

Other synonyms:

police, Support Group, master switch, flash mob, association. club, organization, fast forward. console, dial, lever. pause, knob. release, control. Other relevant words:
tablet, plate, control, bodice, dial, doorplate, doorjamb, dialog box, arm, hanging, venire, association, armor, empanel, lever, control board, bonnet, doorknob, buttonhole, plaster, dj, control panel, doorstop, armhole, bodywork, console, broadcaster, announcer, commentator, coattails, anchorman, knob, police, tile, chassis, tapestry, jury, ornament, doorpost, anchorwoman, cement, guest, axle, doorknocker, pause, bumper, impanel, armour, arch, boot, anchor, doorstep, club, wax, bib, paper, grip, doorbell, ice, instrument panel, varnish, carpet, release, door, decoration, correspondent, organization, collar.

Usage examples for panel

  1. With the knife she might free the panel and behind the panel hide the jewels till their scent grew cold, to make them her bank account when all the banks should be broken, let the city fall or stand. – Kincaid's Battery by George W. Cable
  2. A faint " Come in," uttered in a voice that strongly suggested tears, reached her through the panel and she entered, to find the girl, whose previous manner had been as that of one without a single care, flung on the bed, with her face buried in the pillow, and sobbing as though her heart were breaking. – By Veldt and Kopje by William Charles Scully
  3. I had settled down quietly in a comfortable chair, and was wondering, as I always do in that smoking room, at the grain of the wood in the panel above the fireplace. – Gossamer 1915 by George A. Birmingham