Synonyms for Jigsaw:


nuisance, hardship, disturbance, burden, difficulty, trouble, trials and tribulations, baggage, problem, issue. gauge, gas turbine, backhoe, air pump, flame thrower, forge, cement mixer, concrete mixer, jackhammer. puzzle, Noughts And Crosses, charades, brain-teaser, quizmaster, hangman, clue, crossword, quiz. jigsaw (noun)
scroll saw, fretsaw.
tool (noun)
spanner, jackknife, chain saw, Bow-saw, hatchet, calipers, lathe, knife, jointer, band saw, grindstone, vise, keyhole saw, pliers, sledgehammer, coping saw, cold chisel, crosscut saw, hacksaw, spade, welder, auger, spoke shave, arc welder, pick, punch, claw hammer, shovel, snips, miter box, edger, square, scroll saw, ball-peen hammer, machete, planer, bench drill, file, hoe, crowbar, tire iron, pickax, wrench, screwdriver, tool, wrecking bar, buzz saw, back saw, radial arm saw, stapler, mallet, gouge, table saw, lug wrench, Drill press, drill, posthole auger, ripsaw, axe, handsaw, saw, scythe, level, awl, hedge trimmer, hammer, grapnel, emery wheel, sickle, monkey wrench, wedge, shears, tin snips, pipe wrench, trowel, scissors, plane, circular saw, chisel.


tear (verb)

Other synonyms:

Noughts And Crosses, quizmaster, brain-teaser, charades, crossword. puzzle, quiz, hangman. clue. Other relevant words:
jackhammer, nuisance, brain-teaser, clue, baggage, gauge, difficulty, disturbance, quizmaster, fretsaw, puzzle, quiz, backhoe, charades, hangman, trouble, problem, hardship, issue, burden, forge, crossword.