Synonyms for Hatchet:


ax, fretsaw, adz. artifact (noun)
ax (noun)
broad hatchet, tomahawk, claw hatchet, billhook, battleax, machete, pipe-tomahawk, lathing hatchet, bill.
hatchet (noun)
tool (noun)
hacksaw, keyhole saw, shears, claw hammer, pliers, back saw, lathe, hedge trimmer, jointer, handsaw, Drill press, tin snips, grapnel, file, pickax, square, jackknife, welder, lug wrench, sledgehammer, stapler, edger, chain saw, circular saw, emery wheel, posthole auger, chisel, shovel, spanner, screwdriver, level, scissors, knife, machete, gouge, buzz saw, tool, wrecking bar, scroll saw, Bow-saw, spoke shave, plane, trowel, saw, coping saw, miter box, monkey wrench, band saw, jigsaw, crowbar, ball-peen hammer, spade, pick, wedge, arc welder, drill, grindstone, hoe, planer, auger, tire iron, bench drill, mallet, axe, crosscut saw, pipe wrench, snips, sickle, cold chisel, radial arm saw, wrench, punch, table saw, ripsaw, vise, hammer, scythe, calipers, awl.
weapon (noun)
scythe, battleax.

Other synonyms:

ax, fretsaw, adz. dismiss
Other relevant words:
bill, billhook, claw hatchet, broad hatchet, adz, ax, tomahawk.

Usage examples for hatchet

  1. " He's somewhere between Bald Knob and Hatchet Hill," the man explained, knocking the ashes from his pipe. – Hidden Gold by Wilder Anthony
  2. The two great creatures rolled in a struggle, which I knew must be fatal to Watch, but thought he could engage Tom's attention until I got my hatchet – Half a Century by Jane Grey Cannon Swisshelm