Synonyms for Calipers:


applicator, adjustable wrench, bradawl, Allen Wrench, blowlamp, blowtorch, bit, bellows, box end wrench. calipers (noun)
callipers, caliper, calliper.
gauge (noun)
log, dial, gauge, scale, line, ruler, sextant, yardstick, straightedge, rod, transit, rule, protractor, T square, compass, micrometer, tape measure, vernier.
gauges (noun)
rulers, rules, straightedges, LINEs, sextants, tape measures, transits, protractors, Scales, yardsticks, dials, T squares, Compasses, gauges, logs, micrometers, rods.
tool (noun)
gouge, hoe, tire iron, pliers, jigsaw, cold chisel, machete, shears, vise, plane, handsaw, posthole auger, lug wrench, file, keyhole saw, ball-peen hammer, circular saw, shovel, grindstone, tool, chisel, square, jackknife, awl, axe, pipe wrench, planer, Bow-saw, lathe, grapnel, emery wheel, miter box, stapler, spoke shave, Drill press, spanner, claw hammer, jointer, hammer, table saw, punch, scissors, auger, crowbar, crosscut saw, ripsaw, arc welder, drill, screwdriver, spade, chain saw, level, radial arm saw, scroll saw, band saw, knife, pickax, trowel, hatchet, welder, wrench, tin snips, buzz saw, sickle, scythe, back saw, hacksaw, coping saw, monkey wrench, wrecking bar, bench drill, mallet, wedge, saw, hedge trimmer, pick, snips, edger, sledgehammer.
tools (noun)
back saws, emery wheels, arc welders, band saws, hatchets, claw hammers, radial arm saws, punches, bow saws, shovels, wrenches, coping saws, drill presses, screwdrivers, jointers, hammers, picks, spoke shaves, miter boxes, edgers, vises, cold chisels, tools, lathes, hacksaws, jigsaws, sickles, posthole augers, jackknives, spades, table saws, planes, wrecking bars, machetes, sledgehammers, gouges, lug wrenches, grindstones, awls, files, scythes, pipe wrenches, keyhole saws, handsaws, hoes, ball-peen hammers, crosscut saws, squares, trowels, spanners, levels, circular saws, saws, welders, Drills, monkey wrenches, grapnels, Axes, tire irons, augers, buzz saws, chisels, chain saws, planers, scroll saws, ripsaws, bench drills, Knives, hedge trimmers, staplers, wedges, mallets, crowbars, pickaxes.


measure (verb)
gauge, caliper, rule, level, scale, square, line.

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Other relevant words:
callipers, caliper, calliper.

Usage examples for calipers

  1. A pair of calipers would prove every piece exactly, the same width; and even when you play a Meditation? – Cow-Country by B. M. Bower