Synonyms for Scissors:


bellows, bradawl, cutting instrument, pair of shears, Allen Wrench, box end wrench, blowlamp, blowtorch, adjustable wrench, applicator, bit. cutting instrument (noun)
scissors (noun)
pair of scissors, scissors hold, scissors grip, scissor grip.
tool (noun)
spade, chisel, wrecking bar, welder, grindstone, jointer, jackknife, scythe, saw, monkey wrench, screwdriver, trowel, pick, crowbar, handsaw, shears, scroll saw, cold chisel, pipe wrench, Bow-saw, awl, shovel, plane, jigsaw, ripsaw, chain saw, wedge, machete, spanner, hatchet, band saw, vise, keyhole saw, tin snips, bench drill, edger, axe, posthole auger, square, tool, emery wheel, pickax, coping saw, claw hammer, gouge, auger, file, circular saw, miter box, lathe, sledgehammer, Drill press, hedge trimmer, calipers, knife, buzz saw, drill, mallet, sickle, ball-peen hammer, table saw, stapler, arc welder, radial arm saw, crosscut saw, level, tire iron, spoke shave, wrench, snips, planer, pliers, hammer, grapnel, hacksaw, back saw, lug wrench, punch, hoe.
tools (noun)
levels, squares, grapnels, bench drills, scroll saws, vises, jackknives, staplers, keyhole saws, crowbars, drill presses, band saws, grindstones, pipe wrenches, emery wheels, hoes, coping saws, hedge trimmers, sledgehammers, arc welders, monkey wrenches, saws, cold chisels, spades, ball-peen hammers, Drills, sickles, augers, handsaws, chain saws, back saws, awls, hammers, pickaxes, picks, machetes, Knives, crosscut saws, files, Axes, screwdrivers, gouges, mallets, planes, jigsaws, shovels, hacksaws, miter boxes, scythes, welders, lathes, bow saws, edgers, planers, posthole augers, ripsaws, jointers, punches, wrecking bars, chisels, buzz saws, tire irons, lug wrenches, circular saws, table saws, wedges, radial arm saws, trowels, claw hammers, spoke shaves, wrenches, hatchets, spanners, tools.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
blowlamp, scissor grip, bellows, scissors grip, bit, cutting instrument, applicator, pair of scissors, scissors hold, pair of shears, bradawl, blowtorch.

Usage examples for scissors

  1. The teeth become worn to more or less of a blunt cutting edge, and after a time the molars come together somewhat like the jaws of a pair of scissors – Common Diseases of Farm Animals by R. A. Craig, D. V. M.
  2. After the children went to bed, she sat all by herself, with her thread and scissors on the table, working on steadily and quietly at the little garment she was making. – The Doctor's Family by Mrs. (Margaret) Oliphant