Synonyms for Grapnel:


anchor (noun)
grappling iron, fastener, hook, stay.
artifact (noun)
grappler, grapple, grappling hook, grappling iron.
claw (noun)
fastener (noun)
spike, lock, string, bond, snap, guy, cleat, brad, braid, buckle, seal, suture, strap, clasp, mucilage, hitch, tie, button, cincture, knot, staple, closure, rabbet, ligament, paste, link, weld, cinch, knitting, hinge, go-between, coupling, cotter, tack, bolt, brace, splice, stitch, Vinculum, rivet, band, glue, zipper, mediator, chain, catch, clamp, skewer, pin, bracket, latch, fuse, binding, anchor, middleman, agent, medium, cement, lace, fastener, hook, twine, hasp, belt, stay, vise, hawser, bonding, connector, nail, binder, clinch, clip, fastening, thread.
grapnel (noun)
grappling hook, grappler, grapnel anchor, grapple, grappling iron.
grip (noun)
brace, fastening, cinch, grapple, cincture, clinch, clamp, anchor, vise, wrench, catch.
hook (noun)
hasp, clasp, link, lock.
tool (noun)
wedge, tire iron, arc welder, circular saw, shovel, cold chisel, tin snips, coping saw, knife, drill, screwdriver, back saw, table saw, chain saw, file, pick, pliers, buzz saw, snips, saw, wrecking bar, planer, spade, keyhole saw, scroll saw, radial arm saw, edger, Bow-saw, calipers, pickax, auger, mallet, sickle, scissors, jackknife, hedge trimmer, bench drill, welder, crowbar, gouge, Drill press, level, handsaw, tool, hatchet, sledgehammer, pipe wrench, machete, scythe, hacksaw, chisel, stapler, punch, jigsaw, miter box, crosscut saw, trowel, hoe, hammer, axe, claw hammer, spanner, square, emery wheel, plane, lug wrench, posthole auger, wrench, lathe, band saw, spoke shave, awl, monkey wrench, ripsaw, grindstone, ball-peen hammer, jointer, shears.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
grappling hook, grappler, grapnel anchor, grapple, grappling iron.

Usage examples for grapnel

  1. Presently Donaldson observed the anchor and grapnel had come up badly clogged with sod, and a good heavy tug he and I had of it to pull them in, for Lyons was still much too busy with his currant pie to help us. – The Red-Blooded Heroes of the Frontier by Edgar Beecher Bronson
  2. This man has been driven mad by the terrible sights at the front, and above all by the vision of a wounded man in the death agony, a poor wretch whose face had been torn away by a grapnel – The Forerunners by Romain Rolland
  3. Billy carried the grapnel which was attached to twelve fathoms of line. – The Boy Scouts Book of Stories by Various