Synonyms for Timid:


cowardly (adjective)
gutless, spineless, chicken, tremulous, weak-kneed, yellow, craven.
fearful (adjective)
shaky, pusillanimous, afraid, cowardly.
frightened (adjective)
frightened, lily-livered, afraid, fearful, terrified, chicken-livered, scared stiff, intimidated, unnerved, anxious, scared, apprehensive, weak-kneed, fainthearted, startled, alarmed, agitated, rattled, paralyzed, horrified, cowardly, petrified, terror-stricken, Harrowed, jittery.
modest (adjective)
meek, undemonstrative, coy, demure, selfless, unobtrusive, humble, unselfish, shy, self-effacing, unassertive, reserved, diffident, bashful, modest.
shy (adjective)
soft, spineless, afraid, nervous, modest, unassertive, pusillanimous, coy, spiritless, fainthearted, shaky, unnerved, humble, yellow, timorous, intimidated, diffident, cowardly, fearful, frightened, demure, retiring, apprehensive, submissive, mousy, bashful.
timorous (adjective)
weak (adjective)


insecure, lost, unsure of yourself, ill at ease, inhibited. backward, self-effacing, restraint, retiring. vacillant, hesitant, halting, Shilly-shally, decide, Vacillatory, indecisive, pendulous, tentative. reticent (noun)
retiring, withdrawn, shamefaced, submissive.
timid (noun)
fainthearted, shy, diffident, unconfident, unsure, trepid, timorous, mousy, unmanful, coy, mousey, faint, unmanlike, bashful, unmanly, cautious, intimidated.

Other synonyms:

inhibited, Vacillatory, self-effacing, vacillant. halting, retiring, hesitant, indecisive. pendulous. lost, tentative. backward. apprehensive
Other relevant words:
mousy, soft, lost, shamefaced, unmanful, ill at ease, insecure, unmanlike, unmanly, withdrawn, nervous, inhibited, pusillanimous, Shilly-shally, retiring, backward, pendulous, mousey, faint, vacillant, timorous, Vacillatory, spiritless, self-effacing, poor-spirited, trepid, cautious, hesitant, unsure, halting, submissive, shaky, tentative, indecisive, unconfident.

Usage examples for timid

  1. He quickly removed his cap, and at the same time lowered his eyes with a timid air, as if he dared not presume to salute the young dressmaker, but desired to manifest his respect for her. – San-Cravate; or, The Messengers; Little Streams by Charles Paul de Kock
  2. He looked sharply up at Savelli, and said, My grandfather is too wise, and you are too timid – Rienzi by Edward Bulwer Lytton