Synonyms for Proverb:


cheer, citation, binomial, battle cry, cite. words. aphorism (noun)
instruction (noun)
doctrine, byword, principle, edict, catchword, credo, dictum, directive, instruction, teaching, adage, precept, motto, ordinance, moral, policy, code, saw, axiom, bidding, saying, rule.
maxim (noun)
mantra, maxim, cliche.
phrase (noun)
figure of speech, epigram, idiom, phraseology, mannerism, locution, paragraph, Verbalism, slogan, expression, sentence, phrase, clause, terminology, metaphor, euphemism, catchphrase.
proverb (noun)
byword, saw, adage.
saying referring to common fact, knowledge (noun)
maxim, axiom, byword, saw, epigram, dictum, text, adage, precept, witticism, repartee, platitude, moral, catch phrase, folk wisdom, motto.

Other synonyms:

platitude. bon mot
Other relevant words:
mot, battle cry, folk wisdom, repartee, text, platitude, catch phrase, witticism, adage.

Usage examples for proverb

  1. Weber's home became a proverb of hospitality and good cheer. – The Love Affairs of Great Musicians, Volume 1 by Rupert Hughes
  2. That was a proverb often heard on the occasion, in Luther's mouth among the rest. – History Of Friedrich II. of Prussia, Vol. III. (of XXI.) Frederick The Great--The Hohenzollerns In Brandenburg--1412-1718 by Thomas Carlyle
  3. " Eat what you please in your tent, but dress as other men," says the proverb – Khaled, A Tale of Arabia by F. Marion Crawford