Synonyms for Horn:


dash, back seat, demister, air bag, defogger, bucket seat, musical instrument, booster seat, dimmer. body, spine, anatomical, point, antler, bony, capsule, carapace, quill, anatomy, arm, spike, rack, bone, belly, tooth, blowhole, outgrowth. brag, gloat, coat, boast, armor, beard, armour, down, brush, exoskeleton, dewlap, camouflage, dander. satanic, the forces of darkness/evil, old nick, evil, black mass, lucifer, the devil, satanism. alarm (noun)
alert, whistle, siren, bell, buoy, alarm, semaphore, signal, flare, notice, drum, call, trumpet, foghorn, beacon, caution, warning.
antler (noun)
spike, rack.
artifact (noun)
French Horn.
car part (noun)
differential, gearbox, ignition, fan, clutch, gearshift, choke, cowl, speedometer, generator, crankcase, bumper, fender, odometer, spark plug, muffler, gear, glove compartment, distributor, piston, steering wheel, bearings, shock absorber, cylinder, hood, taillights, exhaust, crankshaft, chassis, connecting rod, camshaft, accelerator, brake, windshield, manifold, carburetor, transmission, radiator, dashboard.
cusp (noun)
horn (noun)
car horn, trumpet, cornet, saddle horn, motor horn, automobile horn, hooter, tusk, French Horn.
instrument (noun)
musical instrument (noun)
guitar, fiddle, electric guitar, trumpet, English Horn, saxophone, banjo, harpsichord, oboe, electric piano, bass, harp, tenor saxophone, viola, bassoon, drum, organ, flute, French Horn, piano, clarinet, cello, trombone, violin, alto saxophone, piccolo, harmonica, keyboard, recorder, violincello, classical guitar.
musical instruments (noun)
bagpipes, accordion, baby grand, air guitar, bass guitar, balalaika, barrel organ.
prong (noun)
spine, point.
siren (noun)
trumpet (noun)


contact (verb)

Other synonyms:

lucifer, black mass, old nick, satanism. satanic. evil. saddle horn
saddle horn.
Other relevant words:
cornet, spine, antler, quill, automobile horn, lucifer, motor horn, outgrowth, saddle horn, arm, bony, spike, satanic, hooter, capsule, tusk, car horn, point.

Usage examples for horn

  1. Something in the voice was strangely familiar but the " horn swoggled" settled it. – The Boy Aviators in Africa by Captain Wilbur Lawton
  2. In a few minutes the guide appeared with the horn and blew. – Julian Home by Dean Frederic W. Farrar
  3. She got fairly into the saddle and stayed there- with the help of the horn and the luck that had thus far carried her through almost anything she undertook. – The Ranch at the Wolverine by B. M. Bower