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demented - 130 results
Examples of usage:

Such improvements ought, no doubt, as Lord Cromer said, to make the task of the fellaheen much easier, but nevertheless it was certain that the majority would regard them as pure evil- mere oppressions by wayward if not demented tyrants. - "The Adventure of Living", John St. Loe Strachey.

Many an Indian no doubt looked upon me with superstitious awe, walking without caring whither I went, like one demented. - "Where Strongest Tide Winds Blew", Robert McReynolds.

When I saw you in the carriage downtown, with that poor, demented child, I thought, for just a moment- oh, can you forgive me? - "In the Bishop's Carriage", Miriam Michelson.

Similar words:

dementedly, Demanded, dementia, demeter, senile dementia, dementia praecox, alcoholic dementia, Demurred, demesne.

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