Synonyms for Turkey:


clown, maniac, dumb blond, numpty. ability, animation, anime, cartoon, cretin, ding-dong, dip, fool, gander, goof, imbecile, jerk, moron, nerd, nincompoop, ninny, nitwit, schmuck, simple, simpleton, tomfool, Mooncalf, chiller, schmo, softhead, B movie, biopic, blue movie, buddy movie, chick flick, costume drama. crab, crabmeat, dark meat, horseflesh. bantam, bird of paradise, budgerigar, budgie, bobwhite, bluejay. animal (noun)
Meleagris Gallopavo.
bird (noun)
albatross, bald eagle, barn owl, bird, bittern, blackbird, blue jay, bluebill, bluebird, booby, bullfinch, buzzard, Canada Goose, canary, cardinal, cassowary, chickadee, cockatoo, condor, coot, cormorant, crane, crow, cuckoo, curlew, dodo, dove, duck, eagle, egret, emu, falcon, finch, flamingo, goldfinch, goose, grackle, grosbeak, grouse, gull, harrier, hawk, heron, horned owl, hummingbird, ibis, jackdaw, jay, kingfisher, lark, loon, lovebird, macaw, magpie, mallard, mockingbird, mourning dove, myna, nightingale, nuthatch, oriole, osprey, ostrich, owl, parakeet, parrot, partridge, peacock, pelican, penguin, peregrine, pheasant, pigeon, plover, puffin, quetzal, raven, redbird, redwing, ringtail, road runner, robin, rook, sandpiper, sea gull, sheldrake, snipe, songbird, sparrow, spoonbill, squab, starling, stork, swan, swift, teal, tern, thrush, turtledove, vulture, waxwing, weaver, woodpecker, wren, yellowbird, crested jay.
failure (noun)
has-been, lemon, loser, underachiever, born loser.
fool (noun)
clown, cretin, fool, goose, imbecile, jerk, loon, moron, nerd, nincompoop, ninny, nitwit, simple, simpleton, tomfool, Mooncalf, schmo, softhead.
fowl (noun)
inferior (noun)
also-ran, dud, failure, flop, has-been, inferior, lemon, loser, nonstarter, reject, second, second fiddle, subaltern, subordinate, underachiever, underdog, underling, second banana, born loser.
meat (noun)
bacon, beef, brisket, Canadian Bacon, chicken, chop, cutlet, filet mignon, fillet, flank, flesh, frankfurter, ground beef, ham, ham hock, hamburger, hot dog, kidney, lamb, liver, meat, meat pie, minute steak, mutton, pork, porterhouse steak, pot roast, poultry, roast, roast beef, rump roast, sausage, sirloin, sirloin steak, spareribs, T-bone Steak, tenderloin, tripe, veal, venison, wiener, lamb-chop, Meat Loaf, loin chop, pork chop, ribs, smoked sausage.
schmuck (noun)
turkey (noun)
Agriocharis Ocellata, bomb, dud, joker, Meleagris Gallopavo, Ocellated Turkey, republic of turkey.
turkey cock (noun)
brush turkey, fowl, gobbler, water turkey, Gallo, black turkey, buff turkey, Cambridgeshire turkey, Christmas bird, cock of India, Colorado turkey, crested turkey, domestic turkey, hen of India, Honduras turkey, Indianische Henn, Mexican turkey, native turkey, New England wild turkey, Norfolk turkey, reddish brown turkey, slate turkey, Thanksgiving bird, turkey gobbler, turkey hen, white turkey, wild turkey.

Other synonyms:

cretin, ding-dong, fool, fowl, nerd, ninny, schmuck, tomfool, schmo, softhead. goof, imbecile, moron, nincompoop, nitwit, simpleton, Mooncalf. gander. simple. ocellated turkey
Ocellated Turkey.
Other relevant words:
bantam, bomb, clown, cretin, ding-dong, dip, fool, fowl, gander, gobbler, goof, imbecile, jerk, joker, Meleagris Gallopavo, moron, nerd, nincompoop, ninny, nitwit, republic of turkey, schmuck, simple, simpleton, tomfool, Mooncalf, schmo, softhead, turkey gobbler, wild turkey.

Usage examples for turkey

  1. Early Frame, Long White, Turkey and Long Green Turkey are rather beautiful, but not prolific varieties. – Soil Culture by J. H. Walden
  2. The conservative Kentucky chap, being fond of turkey for dinner himself, waved his glittering sword above his head, and says he: The South has brought this upon herself. – The Orpheus C. Kerr Papers. Series 3 by Robert H. Newell
  3. In Turkey the fruit is given to horses touched or broken in the wind, but in this country horses will not eat it. – Herbal Simples Approved for Modern Uses of Cure by William Thomas Fernie