Synonyms for Idiom:


aquatint, art nouveau, arts and crafts, the avant-garde, baroque, agitprop, abstract expressionism, brushwork, camp, art deco. battle cry, cheer, axiom, words, cant, argot, cite, citation, aphorism, jargon, lingo, lexicon, binomial. coinage (noun)
colloquialism, slang, coinage, vernacular, dialect.
communication (noun)
expression (noun)
idiom (noun)
dialect, idiomatic expression, accent, phrasal idiom, artistic style, set phrase, parlance, phrase.
manner of speaking, turn of phrase (noun)
dialect, parlance, jargon, vernacular, set phrase, phrase, lingo, argot, locution, colloquialism, expression.
phrase (noun)
euphemism, metaphor, adage, locution, figure of speech, mannerism, catchphrase, maxim, sentence, proverb, clause, motto, slogan, Verbalism, expression, cliche, paragraph, terminology, epigram, phraseology, phrase.
verbalization (noun)

Other synonyms:

jargon. argot, lexicon. dialect
Other relevant words:
accent, jargon, set phrase, axiom, lingo, artistic style, idiomatic expression, argot, lexicon, cant, phrasal idiom, parlance.

Usage examples for idiom

  1. One of the men who helped us with our luggage, after being paid according to agreement, asked, as is very customary with these people, for quelque chose pour boire; which Sir Arthur, not being very expert in the French idiom understood literally. – Anna St. Ives by Thomas Holcroft
  2. We should probably experience a similar difficulty, if we knew equally well the current idiom of France or Italy in the seventh and eighth centuries. – The English Language by Robert Gordon Latham
  3. " Dear me- I beg your pardon- I cannot imagine what I was thinking of," he said, making the most idiotic excuse current in English idiom – A Tale of a Lonely Parish by F. Marion Crawford