Synonyms for Marketing:


buying, retailing, consumption, conspicuous consumption, brand loyalty, caveat emptor, comparison-shop, account, charge card, acquisition, charge account, purchasing, credit. campaign, direct mail, event marketing, advertising, clickthrough, affiliate marketing, buzz, branding, adspend, billing. act (noun)
shopping (noun)
purchasing, buying, selling, retailing.


selling (verb)
selling, dealing, auctioning, vending.

Other synonyms:

buying. Other relevant words:
buzz, comparison-shop, consumption, credit, buying, acquisition, adspend, retailing, billing, advertising, purchasing, branding, clickthrough, account, campaign.

Usage examples for marketing

  1. Pulling it out, Miss Metoaca found that the book was one used by Nancy to keep the marketing accounts and other memoranda. – The Lost Despatch by Natalie Sumner Lincoln
  2. Presently afterward Lulu saw her, through the window, in bonnet and shawl and with a basket on her arm, going out to do the marketing – Grandmother Elsie by Martha Finley