Synonyms for Narrative:


prose (adjective)
prosaic, prose, fictional.
storylike, chronological (adjective)
historical, sequential, reported, Narrated, fictional, recounted, Retold.


chronological, cock-and-bull story, comedy, recounted, historical, black comedy, reported, sequential, detective, drama, Narrated, Retold, adaptation, classic. retell, swap stories, storyteller, narrate, relate, dine out on, spin, words, weave, version, mythologize. chronicle (noun)
record, memo, enumeration, history, Cashbook, book, newspaper, chronicle, recital, album, daybook, inventory, index, Bank book, description, log, scrapbook, epic, autobiography, notebook, register, diary, ledger, anecdote, memorandum, docket, archive, chronology, journal, calendar, biography, newsletter, account, catalog, statement, yearbook.
narrative (noun)
communicatory, narration, story, communicative, tale.
prose (noun)
myth, retelling, episode, reading matter, yarn, short story, prose, plot, parable, reminiscence, legend, storyline, tale, novella, saga, story, plainness, serial, prosaicness, fiction, scenario, novel, recount, romance, allegory, fable.
report (noun)
monograph, summary, report, recounting, treatise, portrayal, telling, table, memoir, article.
story, tale (noun)
chronicle, chronology, narration, report, recount, fiction, account, description, history, plot, statement, book, yarn, version, anecdote.

Other synonyms:

version. Other relevant words:
communicatory, narration, chronological, adaptation, mythologize, narrate, detective, recounted, cock-and-bull story, storyteller, drama, reported, historical, relate, words, spin, communicative, weave, classic, Retold, Narrated, retell, version, sequential, comedy.

Usage examples for narrative

  1. It would seem probable from the narrative that they had access to Him constantly. – Quiet Talks about Jesus by S. D. Gordon