Synonyms for Bedspread:


bedding, cover. bedclothes (noun)
afghan, bedlinen, canopy, bolster.
bedding (noun)
bedclothes, sheet, eiderdown.
bedspread (noun)
comforter, sheet, bed covering, sheeting, blanket, quilt, coverlet, counterpane, bed cover, eiderdown, linen, bedcover, bedclothes, spread.
thick, often quilted, covering for bed (noun)
cover, spread, bedcover, counterpane, coverlet, blanket.

Other synonyms:

cover. bedclothes
bedding, bedlinen, afghan, canopy, bolster.
Other relevant words:
bedding, bolster, bedlinen, canopy, bed cover, afghan, counterpane, cover, bed covering.

Usage examples for bedspread

  1. And come to find out, it wuz " Jesus the Comforter," and her little bedspread wuz sometimes called a quilt and sometimes a comforter. – Samantha at the St. Louis Exposition by Marietta Holley
  2. In a word- but pray, Mrs. Grindle, my dear Mrs. Grindle, out of regard for me rehabilitate that jacynth without a word to Mr. Daish, and I, out of regard for you, will certainly pay for the washing of the bedspread – The Passionate Elopement by Compton Mackenzie