Synonyms for Bloated:


exaggerated (adjective)
expanded (adjective)
ornately spoken or written (adjective)
fancy, rich, grandiloquent, opulent, highfalutin, elaborate, bombastic, flamboyant, gilded, ornate, high-sounding, rococo, ponderous, showy, florid, inflated, rhetorical, lofty, eloquent, baroque, embellished, voluble, splashy, flowery.
puffy (adjective)
swollen (adjective)
turgid, Distended.


brisk, accredited, big, business-to-business, business, all-night, collective, anticompetitive, brick-and-mortar. carsick, disgorge, chuck up, airsick, come up, cloy, bilious, bring up. bloated (noun)
tumescent, unhealthy, Distended, puffed, turgid, tumid, puffy, swollen.
swollen (noun)
engorged, puffed-up.

Other synonyms:

all-night, accredited, carsick, disgorge, airsick, collective, business-to-business, bilious, brick-and-mortar, chuck up, cloy, anticompetitive. brisk. bring up, big, business. come up. distended
swollen, engorged, puffed-up.
Other relevant words:
cloy, puffy, unhealthy, swollen, carsick, tumescent, brick-and-mortar, puffed-up, all-night, business-to-business, bilious, puffed, big, turgid, Distended, tumid.

Usage examples for bloated

  1. With the rest of the schooner's people, he had been on shore on liberty, where he had been continually intoxicated; his face was in consequence bloated and his eyes bloodshot and swollen. – An Old Sailor's Yarns by Nathaniel Ames
  2. Figure to yourself a man of middle height, not thin, but void of all muscular flesh,- bloated puffed, unwholesome. – Lucretia, Complete by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  3. In the infinite meaning of his reply and his boundless confidence in his views, the Jack took one of his bloated shoes off, looked into it, knocked a few stones out of it on the kitchen floor, and put it on again. – Great Expectations by Charles Dickens