Synonyms for Fed up:


discontent (adjective)
uneasy, ungratified, exasperated, discomposed, bored, sour, cheerless, unhappy, dissatisfied, uncomfortable, despondent, ticked off, cross, miserable, displeased, restless, malcontent, dissident, joyless, gloomy, anguished, wretched, disgruntled, non-satisfied, anxious, disapproving, irritated, frustrated, irreconcilable, disquieted, teed off, discontent.
disgusted with (adjective)
tired, dissatisfied, annoyed, sick and tired, bored, weary, gloomy.
fatigued (adjective)
weary (adjective)
sick and tired.


angry, annoyed, mad, tired, sick and tired, weary, upset, put out, belligerent. fed up (noun)
displeased, sick, sick of, tired of, disgusted.

Other synonyms:

annoyed. belligerent, put out, angry. weary. upset. Other relevant words:
annoyed, disgusted, sick, tired, sick and tired, weary, tired of, sick of, put out.