Synonyms for Merged:


attached (adjective)
embellished, attached, connected, Prefixed, extra, augmented, Annexed, Spliced, joined, extended, married, accompanied, related, affixed, additional, Suffixed, Hitched, subscripted, added, bound.
correlational (adjective)
back and forth, collaborative, cooperational, interconnected, interdependent, reciprocal, interlaced, intertwined, interwoven, interrelated, Dovetailed, co-active, complementary, correlational, meshed, interactive, intermeshed, correlated, mutual.
joined (adjective)
consolidated, bonded, juxtaposed, Abutted, adjacent, affixed, allied, connected, amalgamated, joined, related, Spliced, affiliated, wed, synergistic, interdependent, married, coupled, wedded, attached, Annexed, Adhered.
mixed (adjective)
alloyed, blended, amalgamated, hybrid, miscellaneous, Melded, mixed, Brewed, Infused, stewed, Concocted, Conglomerated, combined, compound, Mashed, emulsion, mongrel, composite, Mingled.


merged (noun)
incorporate, united, incorporated, unified, integrated.


attached (verb)
affixed, attached, Spliced, fastened, joined, Annexed, juxtaposed, stuck, wedded, related, Clung, Hitched, bonded, connected, Abutted, coupled, married, bound, Adhered.
converged (verb)
focused, Approached, concentrated, Intercepted, united, Met.
joined (verb)
affiliated, affixed, Spliced, connected, consolidated, Adhered, coupled, married, related, juxtaposed, Annexed, Clung, allied, attached, wedded, bonded, joined, amalgamated, Abutted.
mixed (verb)
Decocted, intermixed.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
incorporated, unified, integrated, incorporate.

Usage examples for merged

  1. Days passed into weeks, the weeks merged into months, and the months rolled on until years went by; but Rabbi Onias did not waken. – Jewish Fairy Tales and Legends by Gertrude Landa
  2. The hills merged into the low- lying clouds, the lights ashore became smaller and smaller until they vanished altogether, the ship was well out to sea, and the two youths were saved, they hoped, from the devildoms of Spain. – The Great Mogul by Louis Tracy
  3. It was, at once, static and mobile, a place of countless moods that merged at the turning of a corner, the shifting of a glance from La Punta to the circular bandstand at the foot of the Prado. – San Cristóbal de la Habana by Joseph Hergesheimer