Synonyms for Induction:


conjecture, rationalization, centripetal force, amplitude, ratiocination, bonding, absorbance, air resistance, calorific, centrifugal force, judgment, attraction, capillary action, balance. analgesia, acupressure, draft, Artificial Feeding, conscription, artificial insemination, selection, aftercare, aromatherapy, instatement, alternative medicine, acupuncture, anesthesia, anaesthesia, consecration, ordination, investiture. antenatal, accept, anti-choice, baby shower, the afterbirth, arrive, inauguration, inaugural, baby blues, birth, bear, amniocentesis, amniotic fluid. give, consideration, concentration, reasoning, introspection, forethought, soul-searching, reflection, levy, assessment, focus. prologue, commemoration, convocation, graduation, foreword, communicator, prelude, Prolegomenon, preface, start, dedication, preamble, words, ceremonial, ceremony, overture, commencement, lead-in. event (noun)
initiation, installation.
induction (noun)
generalisation, inductance, trigger, elicitation, evocation, initiation, inductive reasoning, installation, generalization.
inference (noun)
judgment, ratiocination, conjecture, reason, generalization, rationalization.
installation (noun)
introduction (noun)
lead-in, Prolegomenon.
motive (noun)
energy, stimulation, trigger, goading, fermentation, drive, motive, provocation, impulsion, prompting, facilitation, catalyst, compulsion, propulsion, fire, urge, force, enticement, fomentation.
persuasion (noun)
persuasion, influence, temptation.
reason (noun)
logic, conceptualization, cogitation, thinking, reason, inference, brain work, thought, synthesis, analysis, deduction.
taking in, initiation (noun)
inaugural, installation, instatement, consecration, draft, ordination, investiture, selection, inauguration.

Other synonyms:

inaugural, lead-in, commemoration, instatement, communicator, Prolegomenon. convocation, inauguration, prologue, ceremony, commencement, preamble, investiture, preface, foreword. graduation, judgment, ceremonial, prelude, dedication, overture. draft. draft
Other relevant words:
foreword, ceremony, ceremonial, ordination, instatement, rationalization, preface, prelude, inaugural, lead-in, focus, initiation, graduation, judgment, levy, investiture, inductive reasoning, generalization, Prolegomenon, conscription, installation, prologue, consecration, preamble, communicator, inauguration, reasoning, evocation, elicitation, ratiocination, inductance, draft, generalisation, selection, conjecture, overture.

Usage examples for induction

  1. The Specimen of an Induction and Calidore so nearly approach Hunt's work in manner, that they might easily be mistaken for it. – Leigh Hunt's Relations with Byron, Shelley and Keats by Barnette Miller
  2. From the time of my induction into office the duty of using every power and influence given by law to the executive department for the development of larger markets for our products, especially our farm products, has been kept constantly in mind, and no effort has been or will be spared to promote that end. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various